First Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology Details Revealed


Through a Weekly Famitsu magazine leak, the first details of the recently announced Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology Nintendo 3DS remake have been announced.


  • Will feature voice acting which wasn’t in the original game.
  • The 3DS version of the game will feature enhanced graphics and beautiful visuals implemented into event scenes.
  • The beginning of the game will feature two modes:
    • Perfect Mode: In addition to the former two episodes of “Standard History” and “Alternate History,” the third timeline of “Sub-History” is available from the start.
    • Append Mode: To obtain the third episode, the two previous timelines must be cleared.
  • There will be changeable difficulty settings.
  • A-1 Pictures is the animation studio responsible for the game’s new opening animation.
  • The development status of the game is 95% complete.


  • Mitsuru Hirata (Director)
  • Yoko Shimomura (Composer)
  • Masaki Hirooka (Character Designer) [Replacing the original’s Hiroshi Konishi]


Main Character

Stocke (Voice: Katsuyuki Konishi): An intelligence agent belonging to the information division of Alistel. He obtains the White Chronicle and gains the ability to move through space-time.

New Character

Nemesia (Voice: Komatsu Himeko): A mysterious girl who appears before Stocke. She is the key character to the new scenario “Akira,” travelling in search of a mysterious “artifact” substance.

Party Characters

  • Eruca (Voice: Rie Takahashi)
  • Aht (Voice: Koyo Kurosawa)
  • Raynie (Voice: Aya Sakura)
  • Marco (Voice: Yoshitani Yoshio)
  • Rosch (Voice: Watarase Hatano)
  • Gafka (Voice: Takaya Kuroda)

Mitsuru Hirata Director Interview

How did you get the opportunity to develop a full remake of the game?

Because of everyone’s support over a long period of time, Atlus as a company began to channel the energy into wanting to publish this title, because of the world and experiences RPGs can offer. So, we kept that in mind while developing this title in order to stay true to this impression. We are revisiting the game and improving it overall.

What kind of story is the Sub-History?

The third history that is neither the Standard History or the Alternate History is the Sub-History. The Sub-History is not just a single parallel world—the treatment of characters and timeline interpretation, how the Sub-History was born, each of these is different from the Standard History and Alternate History.

Thanks to @MysticDistance and Gematsu for the translation.

Hachima Kikou