First Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology High-res Famitsu Scans, Screenshots


Following the reveal of the Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology Nintendo 3DS remake, scans from its first feature in Weekly Famitsu magazine issue #1477, released on March 23rd, have surfaced.

The scans include the previously posted details about the game, notably the inclusion of a new story episode “Sub-History” and voice acting for the characters.

The three difficulty settings, new to this version of the game, are called “Friendly,” “Normal,” and “Hard.”

Returning composer Yoko Shimomura will be composing five new songs for the game, including some with vocals from Haruka Shimotsuki.


Famitsu have released a few direct feed screenshots for the game through their website.

First-Print Copy Chibi DLC

First-print copies of the game and the “Perfect Edition” limited edition of the game will include DLC which will let players change the artwork in the game into deformed “chibi” versions, illustrated by the artist CHANxCO.

Limited Edition

A limited edition version of the game titled “Perfect Edition” will be released for 9,800 yen (excluding tax). It will include:

  • Special BOX.
  • The game.
  • Complete, 2-disc soundtrack CD set, featuring all the songs from the previous album and the new songs in the remake.
  • Special art book, with 100 pages of full color “setting materials” covering the game’s artwork.
  • “Working Temple” DLC pack, with five pieces of DLC selected from the planned schedule able to be played in advance.
  • “4-set event pack” DLC with battles and events focusing on different characters.
  • “Character original pack” DLC, enabling users to use the artwork from the original Radiant Historia game (excluding the new character).

Live Stream

The upcoming Atlus 2017 lineup announcement live stream on March 26th will include Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology, featuring its debut trailer and the latest information.

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology will be released for the 3DS in Japan on June 29, 2017.