SMT: Deep Strange Journey First High-res Famitsu Scans and Screenshots

As announced previously, this week’s issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine #1478 contains the first feature for the newly announced Shin Megami Tensei: Deep Strange Journey 3DS remake.

Scans of this first feature have surfaced.

A remake of the original game released for the Nintendo DS in 2009, SMT: Deep Strange Journey will have more refined gameplay systems, with additional elements (notably new character Alex and new demon Amon, related to the new ending route of the game) for a “deeper” experience.

The April 13, 2017 issue of Famitsu—or issue #1478—was released in Japan on March 30, 2017.


Shin Megami Tensei: Deep Strange Journey is set to be released in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS in Fall 2017.


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  • Strain42

    I’m not really a fan of the re-done artwork. The faces look super weird. I thought at first it was just ’cause of the quality of the stream I was watching but nope…faces be weird, yo.

  • What was wrong with the Kaneko s artwork that they had to change it? the new one looks awful, especially face of Jimenez

    • Strain42

      Yeah, I dunno what happened here. I mean we’ve seen Doi handle formerly Kaneko characters and they looked fine (Soul Hackers/Raidou/Persona 2, etc.) but these ones…yeah…they just do NOT look good.

    • Mr.Sammich

      The only one you can blame for Kaneko not doing art is Kaneko.

      Doi had to redraw these fucks cause Kaneko didn’t want to draw the new characters. It has to have gone down that way because it’s not like anyone at Atlus would appose the co-founder if he said “I want to do the art on this.”

      Gore and Jimenez do look a tad strange but they always did because, let’s face it, the artists at Atlus just aren’t accustomed to drawing people of other races. Kaneko’s artstyle just obscured their oddity. Take a good hard look at their original art and I bet you won’t be able to say, truthfully, that they look normal.

      • Ludovic Castro

        You obviously don’t know how a company works, then. The executives like Naoto Hiraoka take the decisions, not some famous artist like Kaneko. If they decide that his art is not mainstream enough and that Doi is the new character/demon designer of the franchise, he cannot complain.

        Also, no Kaneko character looks “normal”, that’s why we like them.

        • Mr.Sammich

          But that’s obviously not the case because not only do they still use his designs in every MegaTen game (they’re using them even more than normal in this one, Doi just redrew the characters instead of redesigning them), Kaneko has a pretty large following in the US and Japan… Difference being, his Japanese audience isn’t limited to Atlus fans. As far as I can tell, Kaneko has done more artwork intended to appeal to mass Japanese audiences in recent years than he has for MegaTen.

          He totally could complain, he’s a very important person at Atlus, the entirety of their biggest brand is built on his back. If Kaneko didn’t like how the other kids at Atlus were playing he’d go home, and take his demons with him. Atlus COULD redesign every single demon he’s drawn up, but the fact they haven’t done that so far shows that they really don’t want to, because those designs are important to the MegaTen brand.

          And why is it that Kaneko’s designs not being normal is a good thing, but a redraw of his not normal designs is somehow the worst thing possible? To be clear, not normal here is used in a bad way… Because Jimenez and Gore always looked not normal in a bad way.

  • Rimanah

    Gore and Jimenez look awful

  • As much as the changed artwork bugs me too, I am gonna point out something else here.

    I am really wondering which engine they are using to create the game in! When this was first announced, I was really curious to see if they were going to utilize SMTIV’s engine to completely remake the game in a third-person perspective (since I always thought the Demonic armor in SMTIV was really well modeled, too). Another thought was that they were going to use EO/PQ engine, since after all, the original Strange Journey was built in the Etrian Odyssey engine.

    It almost looks as if they are using SMTIV’s engine, but that they changed the exploration POV to first person. We aren’t seeing any exploration images here aside from talking to people on the field. But look at the bottom screen map, the battle UI elements and party placement, the level up screen and the demon conversation screen. They all look very similar to the UI used in SMTIV’s engine.

    The map still looks as complex detailed as it did in the original, but it looks like it is being displayed by SMTIVA’s map UI by the look of the buttons on the bottom screen. The battle UI looks a lot like SMTIV’s battle UI, with the bottom screen showing your party displayed in a vertical fashion, unlike the original’s horizontal fashion, and unlike what the bottom screens in both Etrian Odyssey and Persona Q looked like. Both the level up screen and the demon conversation screen look identical to the ones used in SMTIV.

    I guess we will have to see some more screenshots (preferably of some exploration and the main menu) for more confirmation, and until now this is all purely speculation. I just find it fascinating if they are indeed using SMTIV’s engine instead of PQ and EO’s engine. Ever since SMTIV came out, I always felt like the engine would be used for multiple games just because of how nice everything looked and how fleshed out the environments were, so I am glad that possibly three games now have used it!

    • Aymericard

      They’re probably using a mix of the two, which isn’t that difficult to do. For the overworld they’re using Etrian Odyssey 5’s one, and for the battles they’re using SMT4’s one.
      I personally hacked the roms of both games and they use the same file types, I wouldn’t be surprised if the base of both engines were the same.

  • Unorthodox02

    the new art style is VERY BAD for the old characters!!!1