Pictures from the Persona 5 PV#02 Trailer Have Leaked [Update]


Following last week’s tease for the second Persona 5 promotional video trailer, five screenshots from PV#02 included with a special movie Blu-ray for Persona 4: Dancing All Night have leaked from an early copy of the game.

Update (2015-06-23): As additional pictures have been getting leaked, this post is regularly being updated with new screenshots from the upcoming trailer.

Persona 5 PV02: Steal Back Your Future.Persona 5 PV02: Main Blu-ray disc menu. Persona 5 PV02: Ryuji Sakamoto. Persona 5 PV02: Main characters. Persona 5 PV02: New character.Persona 5 PV02 trailer: Anzu Tamaki.Persona 5 PV02: P5 protagonist "Phantom" thief.

The Persona 5 special Blu-ray movie is included with all first-print copies of Persona 4: Dancing All Night, releasing in Japan on June 25. The full trailer will presumably be out in a short while, as people start receiving their copies of the PlayStation Vita rhythm game early.