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I notice something about the phantom thieves

Discussion in 'Persona Discussion' started by Phantom, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. Phantom

    Phantom Level 3 Temperance

    Aug 18, 2016
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    I guess its kind of obvious if you pay attention, but I noticed that all of the thieves are themed after some type of vigilante.

    Protag. - Gentleman Thief - Lupin, France
    Ryuji- pirate/mercenary - cap kid (the person)
    Morgana- bandit (she is a bandit cat!) - Zorro (the "hero")
    Futaba- spy/futuristic thief-
    Makoto- biker vigilantee- the motorcycle and mask suggest biker

    Yosuke- I guess, the japanese hero is some type of vigilantee too - foxes are tricky and clever right?

    I just could't figure out how to incorporate Anne

    and crow.... well There wasn't much information to come from (that I wanted to find anyway),
    soooooooooo what do you think?
  2. Navarre's Stump

    Navarre's Stump Level 3 The Hermit

    Aug 18, 2016
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    I do believe that was the direction Soejima and the writers chose, although I felt playing it (these lips are sealed wrt spoilers don't worry) they were more focussed on the trickster aspect than straight up theives and vigilantes (although most tricksters inevitably end up depicted as such)

    With regard Yusuke his personal design is based mostly on Inari, a kami who is...complicated to say the least though is generally benign. His persona is pretty straightforward though, Goemon was a thief and alleged super-ninja who depending on the story once attempted to assasinate the tyranical Oda Nobunaga and was executed for attempting to kill another autocrat

    Discussing Necronomicon is sorta spoilery

    Anne is the classic action femme fatale, her skin tight catsuit is pretty much a call to DCs Catwoman (IIRC there's a dialogue option when choosing her codename which is literally Catlady). Carmen is a pretty complicated character who is either a scheming seductress or simply a woman trying to survive the obsession of a brute depending on the story or opera

    Haru is pretty closely tied to her persona, herself and Milady are both upper class thieves/criminals who embody style and grace (Im only reading the Three Muskateers now so I can't add much about Milady or the bajilion guns under her dress)

    And crow... yeah it's hard to discuss them, though I hope Atlus USA give them more airtime because I'm actually quite fond of their character and aesthetic. All I can say is that they fit your theme perfectly

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