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Thoughts after finishing P5 (warning: kinda long)

Discussion in 'Persona Discussion' started by Gendeng, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. Gendeng

    Gendeng Level 2 The Hanged Man

    Sep 26, 2016
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    100+ hours and I finally finished the game. i don't know anyone will see this thread but I don't know, I just can't stay still so i'm honestly going to write my opinion.

    In the end the game is good, as expected, and i think that made me disappointed. i think i was expecting way beyond what it could've possibly been. Honestly, if i explain this game in the simplest way, it's a "polished P4". P4 was a game with a problem that can be said that "it can be dull". biggest three was the dungeon, shadow design and the start, and they fixed that problem. and the coop system is the upgraded social link too, it's better ofcourse. but the core story is (this is my very personal opinion) almost identical to how p4 went. Different theme but..... if you play the game you will see eventually where it overlaps, especially the ending. so i really can see it disappointing a lot of players, so i really don't have much to argue with their displease with the game.

    But don't get me wrong i think i consider this one of the best game in my life. the strength of this game is i think the detail, every single bit of detail, don't miss any of it. I think the main antagonist's identity was....semi-obvious. the foreshadow it obviously too so to people who say the game sucks because of that, give them a little break, ur not the smartest asshole in the world. in the end for me, i don't even try to think about that because there's something more important. I just come to love every character, not just about the waifu wars but every character.(tbh males in this series are real good including the kid and the old man.) i've seen that some people just get in the hype ride and get results from reddit or beat the game in a day or two to spoil the game, but really, "sit back and enjoy" is the best way to play this game. If anyone actually took the time to read this thank you and i warn you BEAT THE SUN COOP FIRST!!
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  2. Navarre's Stump

    Navarre's Stump Level 3 The Hermit

    Aug 18, 2016
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    Hey, old post but I took my time so may as well say my two cents now

    Every time I try to sum up my feelings about the game my conclussion is always "It's better than P4 in every way". Combat and presentation are obvious factors (such that Id be content just fighting up to level 200 in a forever mementos, I really cant stress how GOOD everything feels) but in everything from story to OST, 5 is the better game. The Cooperations are a stronger ensemble than the Social Links; with the only paths I didn't completely love being Le Mort and Hanged (which sucked cos I generally love those themes), and the party may not gel fully until the second from last act but I enjoyed being around them more.

    Personally Im interested to see how people will react to the story. The traitors identity is hilariously obvious from like the first 10 hours on but the game never pretends it's a shock like Ikutsuki or Adachi, instead uses the time theyre with you for the player to try and understand the person underneath, whether the players got pancakes or not. I loved the biggest bad though, I mean
    using Igor's original VA death to trick series regulars is both devious and brilliant. Okay his attitude as the game progresses is a give-away but his Introduction "Welcome to MY velvet room" is some sweet foreshadowing

    Some pet peeves; No same-sex romance, I know not a huge factor but cant say Im not dissapointed (even though I really came to like Kawakami and was surprised by how awesome Haru was, Yusuke will always be the true waifu in my heart). Holding out for the inevitable Thoth Deck Co-ops in the future editions
    Adjustment or Aeon= not dead Goro
    The Art =Lavenza
    but cant help but feel there's loose ends.

    In closing; f*ck The Sun, I would have had a perfect 1st run if not for his bs. Goddamn politicians
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