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Update #3: October 8, 2016

Discussion in 'News & Updates' started by Zerotagonist, Oct 8, 2016.

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  1. Zerotagonist

    Zerotagonist Administrator Staff Member The World

    Jul 31, 2016
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    This update is relatively minor and consists of the following new Quests that have been added:
    • Understanding: Kindly
    • Understanding: Generous
    • TOPIC
    • Marin Karin
    • PSN Terminal
    • Steam Terminal
    • XBL Terminal
    • NNID Terminal
    • Agi
    • Agilao
    • Agidyne
    Paradigm X has now hit 100 users! It's been approximately 2 months since the forum's launch, and I hope it grows even larger in the future.

    The Future
    There are still some minor aesthetic touches I'd like to apply here and there throughout the forums which I'll try to implement sooner than later.
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