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What would you like to see in a Persona 3 Remake?

Discussion in 'Persona Discussion' started by GaruDyne, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. GaruDyne

    GaruDyne Level 5 The Devil

    Aug 18, 2016
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    I know the forum has been quiet for a while now, but was thinking about this and thought I would post it here for whoever to see.

    With a remake of past Hashino games with Dancing character models looking to be a real possibility, what would you like to see from a remake of Persona 3? For me:

    Rework social links: As much as I enjoyed the game, I can't really think of any social links that really stood out to me apart from Hermit and Sun. Maximum stat gates to initiate S Links with female party members is also not a good idea, and I think that coming from P4 and 5, modern gamers would expect to spend time levelling up ranks with the male party members too. It would be cool to add in additional perks for individual links as well, similar to the confidant system.

    More in-engine cutscenes and events: I thought the in game scenes in P5 looked great, but hated the anime ones, so many of them seemed like they couldn't even get Ann or Yusuke's face on-model, and mannerisms and reactions often seemed overacted compared to the animations of the 3d models. P3 FES had some notoriously terrible quality in the anime cutscenes, so I'd be happier if they did all future scenes in engine. Imagine not just the Persona Awakenings, but 2nd awakenings and confrontations with Full Moon bosses and Strega in high def 3D.

    Keep the English Voice cast: Not sure if this is feasible, maybe the actors have become to pricey or too old to do the same voices, but I'm so attached to the original interpretations, even Fuuka who I know was pretty unpopular. I have one exception tho...

    Recast Chidori's VA: Why does she sound like an old spinster lol?! This legitimately ruined the character for me, as I could not take anything she said seriously or believe her relationship with Junpei, since her voice was that ridiculous. On a further note, there's some really cool Soejjima sketches of her in the P3 Design Works book, where she looks a lot more punky and mature in her facial expressions than she ends up looking in her in-game sprites. I'd expect all sprite work to be redone but Chidori could really use a few tweaks IMO. As well as...

    Fix Akihiko's Sprites: He's supposed to be a boxer but he looks like a stick insect. His neutral pose also has his weight shifted really awkwardly to one side and his neutral stance doesn't really say much about his personality unlike eg Yukari's defensiveor Mitsuru's formal stance. Fix Junpei's neck as well lol.

    Keep Tartarus Randomly Generated: Might be a controversial one, but I don't want to see Tartarus try and copy P5's Palaces. The random generation fits so well with the idea of Tartarus being a place that disappears and reappears each night, being a product of the everchanging nature of the collective unconsiousness, and also fits conceptually with the idea of these teenagers basically chancing their lives everynight in a structure they cant really comprehend. I think the devs should instead on creating more corridor elements so you dont just feel like you're constantly just turning corners until you find the stairs or a cache or something, as well as elements that are specific to each floor of Tartarus.
    Then certain floors could have a specific overarching puzzle eg Floor 40 is always the 'collect 3 x to open a gate' puzzle or whatever. I remember there is a floor you only see in a cutscene where you find Fuuka for the first time in Tartarus which has large windows highlighting the full moon, it would be cool if certain set pieces like that were actually there ingame too, for instance on floors that have a quick travel option/miniboss. Kind of like the gates that don't open until you reach a certain point in the story, think how cool those would look in HD! Or a floor that has you walk across a ledge around the outside of Tartarus with no enemies, just the cool visuals of the tower and the moon and the city below. Or a miniboss fight behind one of the many clock faces you can seeon the outside of Tartarus. Finally, the random, always different design fits well with the sickness system (which I would also want to stay) and putting you in the midset of the leader of the group [how many floors until I find a quick travel back to the ground floor/should I keep going if half my team is tired?/should I turn back since I'm low on SP/what if the next floors have no enemies and tonnes of treasure/what if i'm really close to the next boss or gate?]

    Allow protag to wield multiple weapon types: Like in P3 FES.

    Have party members controlling their own turns the default option: I thought this really helped give them their own personalities, tho I know it caused alot of frustration for people eg the widely known Marin Karin Mitsuru meme. But I never really had much of a problem with it and enjoyed the aspect of planning around what my teammates would probably do that turn. Full party control a la P4/5 so be a proper option tho.

    If there's anyone out there, let me know what you'd like to see, and what you thought of my picks.
  2. Lulcy

    Lulcy Level 8 The Fool

    Aug 17, 2016
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    I am personally againts this idea. To me that devalues the Social Link/Confidant (or whatever name you like) and you end up hanging up with the individual because of its capital power, not because of emotional connection with them.
    They could simply reuse the original recordings from the vanilla game and transfer them to the remake.

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