Persona 20th Anniversary Concert #2 Official Track List, Merchandise


The second “ATLUS Special Persona 20th Anniversary” orchestral concert will be taking place on November 27th, 2016. The official program list for tracks to be performed at the concert has now been revealed, alongside a list of merchandise to be available at the venue.

Track List

Orchestral renditions of the following Persona series songs will be played during the Game Symphony Japan 19th concert. Many were previously performed at the 18th concert.

TitleSong NameComposerArranger
Revelations: PersonaThe Poem for Everyone's SoulsShoji MeguroAyana Tsujita
OpeningHidehito AokiAyana Tsujita
Awakening LegendKenichi TsuchiyaAyana Tsujita
Battle ~ ThessoKenichi TsuchiyaAyana Tsujita
DeadlineKenichi TsuchiyaAyana Tsujita
The Snow QueenKenichi TsuchiyaAyana Tsujita
Persona 2: Sin - PunishmentOpeningHidehito AokiNakayama Ikumi
Knights of the Holy LanceKenichi TsuchiyaNakayama Ikumi
Joker ThemeMasaki KurokawaNakayama Ikumi
Next To You (Kimi no Tonari(hitomiNakayama Ikumi
OpeningKenichi TsuchiyaNakayama Ikumi
Maya ThemeKenichi TsuchiyaNakayama Ikumi
Boss BattleKenichi TsuchiyaNakayama Ikumi
Change Your WayT.KURANakayama Ikumi
Persona 3Burn My DreadShoji MeguroYū Kimura
Heartful CryShoji MeguroYū Kimura
Because I will Protect YouShoji MeguroYū Kimura
Memories of You (Kimi no Kioku)Shoji MeguroYū Kimura
Persona 4Pursuing My True SelfShoji MeguroSohei Kano
I'll Face Myself -Battle-Shoji MeguroSohei Kano
fogShoji MeguroSohei Kano
Never MoreShoji MeguroKenichi Shimura
Persona QChanging MeAtsushi KitajohSohei Kano
Persona 5Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out ThereShoji MeguroTomoyuki Takeoka
Life Will ChangeShoji MeguroTsujita Ayana
Beneath the MaskShoji MeguroTsujita Ayana
PriceShoji MeguroHotta Isaomoto
Our BeginningShoji MeguroTomoyuki Takeoka


Goods will be available from the Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall foyer. Pre-sale of goods will be available from 2:30 PM JST to 4:00 PM JST.

GSJ 19th&21st Brochure “Dengeki Game Symphony Japan” Vol. 4


  • Price: 2,000 yen
  • A 28-page performance brochure in A4 size for the 19th and 21st Game Symphony Japan Persona 20th Anniversary Concerts.
  • The brochure will feature:
    • Special Project 1: “Persona” First Orchestra Concert “Game Symphony Japan 18th Concert Atlus Special ~20th Anniversary of Persona~” Playback Photo Report
    • Special Project 2: Special interview with the Atlus sound team: Shoji Meguro, Kenichi Tsuchiya, Atsushi Kitajoh, Ryota Kozuka, Toshiki Konishi. Discussions on the “Persona” series orchestra and Persona 5‘s release.

Microfiber Cloth


Price: 700 yen

Teddie Hand Towel


Price: 1,000 yen

PSC Towel


Price: 700 yen

PSC T-shirt Flat Teddie Ver.


Price: 3,100 yen

PSC T-shirt Shadow Teddie Ver.


Price: 3,100 yen

Additionally, brochures from previous Game Symphony Japan concerts will be on sale, along with a Sonic clear file for 500 yen.



  • Date & Times: November 27, 2016
    • 16:30 JST (Doors open)
    • 17:30 JST (Curtains open)
    • 20:00 JST (Performance ends)
  • Venue: Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall

Production Team

A follow-up concert will be taking place on December 25, 2016.

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