Genei Ibun Roku #FE Famitsu Scans Feature Hot Spring Event Scenes, DLC Costumes [Update]


Update (2015-12-16): A translation of the information in the Famitsu article has been provided by Nintendo Everything and can be found below.

Following the Genei Ibun Roku #FE Weekly Famitsu magazine preview for issue #1411 (released on December 17, 2015), new scans for the upcoming Wii U exclusive RPG have surfaced.

Genei Ibun Roku #FE (1) Genei Ibun Roku #FE (2) Genei Ibun Roku #FE (3) Genei Ibun Roku #FE (4) Genei Ibun Roku #FE (5) Genei Ibun Roku #FE (6)

The scans feature scenes from the Hot Spring DLC story scenario, which will be available as paid downloadable content. Also detailed is the prologue of the game, where an incident of a disappearance occurred at a “kokeraotoshi” (theater grand opening and its events) where Tsubasa Oribe was present.

They also feature the DLC costumes included with the Fortissimo edition of the game, such as the Fashion Show DLC Costume set for Tsubasa’s Christmas outfit and Elonora’s maid outfit, as well as the Girls Swimsuit DLC Costumes. The costumes will be available as paid DLC at a later date.


Provided by Nintendo Everything:

Chikaomi Tsurugi, a newly-revealed character, is voiced by Kosugi Jurota. He is a famous actor shining in Japan’s art history, who is also the father of Yashiro. With thorough training and self-study, he has unmatched acting skills which can do any roles – something he is proud of. He’s the owner of a Performa that exceeds ordinary humans which is the origin of that acting skill.

Story-wise, there was an accident five years ago where everyone including Chikaomi, Yashiro and Tsubasa’s sister Ayaha were swallowed by black mist. However, only Tsubasa alone survived.

The convenience store Heehaw Mart has a secret second clerk (the purple mask one) who is only visible to Mirage Masters, and she sells special items. Other than Tokyo, as previously mentioned, the game will also take place in an alternate world named Idolsphere. While in this world, the GamePad will show the map. Enemies will appear as Symbol Encounters and will cause battles if touched.

Genei Ibun Roku #FE will have a weapon damage system very similar to Fire Emblem, such as the Sword -> Axe -> Spear -> Sword triangle, and Bows being super effective against fliers. Also, Mirages have classes which of course can be promoted by using Master Seals.

Other features from Atlus RPGs are making it into Genei Ibun Roku #FE. There are occult features in the story, partners that are not humans, and session battles where allies keep attacking if an enemy weak point is hit.

Famitsu’s article also has some details about downloadable content. Here’s what we know on that front:

Tokyo Millennium Collection

– Also known as Fashion Show Set
– Special cosplay costumes for the female characters

Go to the Secret Hot Spring!

– Also known as the swimsuit sets
– Separate boy/girl sets
– A special program where the characters (talents and idols) bathe in the hot spring while wearing swimsuits

Mirage Hunter

– Extra support quests
– Made by Tiki to help grind things up
– 3 quests available here
– Experience part: increases character experience and level
– Proficiency part: Get items to increase weapon proficiency
– Wild Festival: Lots of strong enemies appear which will drop stat-raising items

The Fortissimo Edition Genei Ibun Roku #FE comes with the costume sets mentioned above. This will also be offered in the upcoming Wii U bundle, which also has Tiki’s “Mirage Hunter” support quests.

The previous Genei Ibun Roku #FE Famitsu feature for the countdown until the game’s Japanese launch was in issue #1410, released on December 10, 2015, and featured Fire Emblem Awakening antagonists.

Additionally, Tumblr estipse has shown a promotional poster for the game, which launches in Japan next week.

Genei Ibun Roku #FE Promo Poster

Genei Ibun Roku #FE (translated as Illusory Revelations #FE and previously known as Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem) will be released on December 26, 2015 in Japan for the Wii U. It will release in North America in 2016.

— estipse (Tumblr) [1, 2]