Studio Zero’s Hashino Wishes to Deliver ‘Project Re Fantasy’ Updates as Catherine: Full Body Releases


Studio Zero’s Katsura Hashino (director of Project Re Fantasy and chief producer of Catherine: Full Body) had an interview with IGN Japan at Tokyo Game Show 2018.

While the interview was mainly about Catherine: Full Body, Hashino had a few things to say about Atlus’ new fantasy RPG in the works.

“Project Re Fantasy” Setting Conceptualization

Hashino states that, unlike with the Persona series, it takes a long time to establish the world setting from scratch for this new IP. An example he gives is that, it does not take a deep amount of thought as to what the setting of “Shibuya” looks like, but it’s different when it comes to a fictitious world. That being said, the setting has almost been completed, and overall production for the game is steadily progressing.

“Project Re Fantasy” Update as “Catherine: Full Body” Releases

Concrete information on Project Re Fantasy has not yet been revealed, but Hashino is hoping that as things settle down with Catherine: Full Body‘s approaching release on February 14, 2019, he’ll be able to give out follow-up reports on the game, little by little.

The development for the base game of Catherine: Full Body has been completed as of September 2018.

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