Index (Atlus) Is Bankrupt, Looking to Transfer/Sell


After reports, on June 12, 2013, indicating that Index (parent company of Atlus) was under investigation for fraudulent accounting and suspected of cooking their books—thus falsifying their financial statements—the company has officially gone bankrupt as of June 27, 2013 with around 24.5 billion yen of debt (around USD $ 250 million).

President Yoshimi Ochiai and Chairman Masami Ochiai intend to resign as a result.

Atlus has gone on to assure fans, through their Twitter account, that all of their previously announced games such as Dragon’s Crown or Devil Survivor 2: Break Record will continue development as planned.

In the official press release sent out by Index announcing their civil restructuring, they mention that their game division is the most desirable and functional part of their business and that’s an area of importance for them. They’re seeking to either find a partner or conduct a business transfer via a sponsor as soon as possible.

My hope is that, in the end, Atlus themselves will most likely remain unaffected by Index’s troubles because of a buyout or fruitful partnership. And that if it comes down to a buyout, Atlus’ IP remains as one as well as the development team itself and that the parent company who purchases them gives them as much creative freedom as possible.