Kazuma Kaneko Art Works Final Volume Cover Art Revealed, Releasing July 31, 2021


Following retail listings, the full release details and cover art for Kazuma Kaneko Art Works Volume X have been revealed. The volume will release on July 31, 2021, featuring game package and instruction manual illustrations from series including Shin Megami Tensei and Devil Summoner.

Cover Art


  • Name: Kazuma Kaneko Art Book Works Vol. 10
  • Pages: 116 pages
  • Release Date: July 31, 2021
  • Price: 2,600 yen
  • Publisher: Shinkigensha
  • Product Page

Volume 9 released in October 2020 and featured artwork from Maken XDevil ChildrenDigital Devil Saga, Raidou KuzunohaDevil Survivor and Strange Journey.

Kazuma Kaneko is an Atlus designer and artist known for his work on the Megami Tensei series.