List of Persona 5 Retailer Specific Pre-order Bonuses in Japan


Following the section on the official Persona 5 Japanese website for pre-orders and merchandise that was opened on May 6, the Shop Guide has been updated with a list of the retailer specific pre-order bonuses included with orders of the game.

  • Animate Online Shop: Daypack
  • Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities (ANIPLEX+): Acrylic Smartphone Stand
  • Amazon Japan: Item TBD
  • AmiAmi: Original multi pouch
  • Imagine WEB Shop: Life-size Fabric Poster
  • Gamers: Tote Bag
  • GEO: Steel Case
  • Circle K Sunkus: Sticker sheet
  • Joshin Net Shopping: Smartphone Wallpaper
  • Stella Worth: The  “Persona 5★Stella Set,” including:
    • Tote Bag
    • Can Badges (two sets)
    • Bromide (set of four)
  • Sofmap: B2 Tapestry
  • Takarajima Game: B2 Tapestry
  • Neowing: Acrylic Smartphone Stand
  • Fammys: IC Card Sticker
  • FamilyMart: Can badge set of 4
  • Futaba Books: Clear Photo Frame
  • furu1online: Acrylic Key Chain
  • Yamada Web: Commuter Pass Case (70 x 100 mm), type w/ original corners.
  • HMV: Pin Badge
  • WonderGOO: Item TBD

P5 Pre-order

Additionally, there is the previously announced Famitsu DX Pack that is for sale at the Atlus D Shop website, as well as at Amazon Japan as of today. That includes figures of the protagonist and Morgana, along with a visual clear poster set and a 3D crystal with light-up stand.

No pictures for the pre-order bonus items have been provided as of yet, however the Shop Guide page will be regularly updated in the future.

An import guide on how and where to import copies of the game from Japan can be found here.

Persona 5 is slated to be released for the PS3 and PS4 in Japan on September 15, 2016, with a 2016 North American release date.

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