Merchandise List for the Persona Super Live P-Sound Bomb!!!! 2017 Concert, Promo Video [Update]

Update (2017-07-25): The pamphlet, T-Shirt, and towel designs have been revealed, representing the full list of merchandise that will be sold.


Atlus has released information concerning the merchandise that will be sold at the upcoming “Persona Super Live P-Sound Bomb!!!! 2017: Witness the Harbor’s Crime” concert on August 2, 2017.

Sales Period

For when the merchandise will be on sale at the Yokohama Arena concert venue.

  • P3 – P4 Seat & P5 Seat Advanced Sales: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM JST
  • General Sales: 12:30 PM JST

Merchandise List

Pamphlet – 2,000 yen (tax included)

T-Shirt L (Men) & T-Shirt S (Women) – 3,500 yen (tax included)


Muffler Towel – 2,000 yen (tax included)

Pouch – 1,500 yen (tax included)

Handbook Type Smartphone Case – 3,500 yen (tax included)

Shopper Bag – 1,000 yen (tax included)

Mirror – 1,800 yen (tax included)

Boston Bag – 3,500 yen (tax included)

Cap – 2,500 yen (tax included)

Masking Tape + Logo Stickers – 2,000 yen (tax included)

Business Card Holder – 2,000 yen (tax included)

Towel Holder – 1,000 yen (tax included)

Glasses Case – 1,500 yen (tax included)

Additionally, previously released items from the Persona 20th Fes event will be sold, as well.

Morgana Plushie – 4,500 yen (tax included)

Persona 20th Fes Clear File Set – 1,500 yen (tax included)

Persona 20th Fes Acrylic Key Holder Collection – 800 yen each, randomly distributed (tax included)

Bonus Silicone Wristband

1 is randomly distributed to customers who accumulate purchases reaching 5,000 yen, 7,000 yen, and 8,000 yen.

Promo Video

Performance Outline

  • Event Name: Persona Super Live P-Sound Bomb!!!! 2017: Witness The Harbor’s Crime
  • Cast: Lyn, Yumi Kawamura, Lotus Juice, Shihoko Hirata, Shoji Meguro, others
  • Venue: Yokohama Arena
  • Date: August 2, 2017.
    • Times: Doors will open at 18:00 JST and the curtain will raise at 19:00 JST. “P5 seats” and “P3-P4 seats” may enter from 17:30.
  • Price: 
    • P5 seat: 18,000 yen (including tax)
    • P3·P4 seat: 18,000 yen (including tax)
    • Designated seat with goods: 13,000 yen (including Tax)
    • General designated seat: 7,500 yen (including tax)

“Persona Super Live P-Sound Bomb!!!! 2017: Witness the Harbor’s Crime” will be held at Yokohama Arena on August 2, 2017. It will be the first large scale Persona Concert since “Persona Super Live 2015: Night of the Phantom.”

Persona Channel

The Art of Persona 5
Prima Games Prima Games (2017-06-27)
  • Carlos Hernadez Rios

    Holy shit they remember maya

  • sillyfudgemonkeys

    Still don’t understand why they forgot the FeMC, I think it’s cause they wanted an even number (tho one promo art there was this giant space so maybe they meant to put her there but didn’t have time).

    • BabyMagnum

      Not canon

      • sillyfudgemonkeys

        No she is because the only Persona thing they stated wasn’t canon was Persona x Detective and Persona Trinity Soul (which was stated in the P3P official book which if they wanted to say P3P wasn’t canon they would’ve stated it there). Also she and Shin (the non canon MC of PTS) have been included in these events before so yeah canoncity isn’t a reason. Plus multi universes is canon to the series (C’mon P2 and SMT If… are evidence enough, along with P3P/P4G/PQ)

        A lot of this merch was made for the 20th anniversary last year, so they either wanted an even number (and didn’t want to include Shin so FeMC got axed along side him cause she’d make an odd number) or they didn’t have time/money to commission either her or Shin. I’m thinking they didn’t have time since the 20th anniversary cover has a biiiiiiig empty space that kinda throws up the picture.

        • KillScottKill

          The protagonist of Persona 3 is referenced and/or seen in Persona 3 The Answer, Persona Q, Persona 4, Persona 4 Arena, and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. All as a male. The FeMC is not canon. Period.

          • sillyfudgemonkeys

            The games just follow the maleMC’s storyline (P2, PQ, P4G, P4A’s entire multi storylines are kinda based off this), just cause we don’t see her doesn’t mean the FeMC doesn’t exist in an alternate universe which is canon to the games (a lot of stuff on her side is referenced in later games too, they’re expecting you’ve played the game to know some of this stuff). By this logic you’re basically saying P2IS doesn’t exist (like the actual game never happened) just cause the games follow the P2EP storyline. In other Megaten games, Atlus states all endings are canon but they just choose one path to follow from when they do a sequel (there’s also that Amala network thing to go with it too).

            When Arena was about to come out, Arcs Systems stated they wanted a joke character in there (Dojima who summons Nanako) but Atlus grilled them for it, stating when they put things in there game it’s only stuff that’s canon. This is backed up with the P4D DLC, Miku becomes canon as an internet idol (like in our real life) to the franchise while Adachi is there cause he’s having a dream (literally stated in the artbook). And guess what? Who is in the games? FeMC. She’s never been stated by Atlus to not be canon, they would’ve done it by now if that were the case (like they did with P:TS, which again was in the same official book as P3P where ya think they would’ve mentioned the FeMC if that were the case). With all of this evidence the FeMC is CANON. Period.

          • BabyMagnum

            FeMC in what game? I’m curious because P3P is the only mention of her that I know of from the games. Screenshot?

          • sillyfudgemonkeys

            Are you talking about when I mentioned the references above? Cause I’m talking about info on her side that’s been called back to in other games, not her herself. She physically hasn’t shown up on the male’s side, cause Atlus hasn’t bothered stating whether she’s even alive on his side or not (probably so they could do something with her in a future game if they wanted to). ^^;

            As for the references, two biggest ones is the fact Theo is even there in future games (as he was introduced in her game). But if you want a reference from another character then Akihiko’s love for Pancakes is stated in PQ, but this is info you would’ve known prior if you had played the FeMC route (first link is to the P3P line, and the second link is to the PQ reference of it):


          • BabyMagnum

            You can have information that’s a call back and it’s not canon. I’m talking about what you said here:

            “hile Adachi is there cause he’s having a dream (literally stated in the artbook). And guess what? Who is in the games? FeMC.”

            If that artbook is canon and meantions that she’s canon then yeah she’s canon but if it has nothing to do with canon then it’s not a valid source of information.

            The whole “Theo is in Q and the other games so that means she’s canon,” was debunked already.

          • sillyfudgemonkeys

            Uhhhh????? That makes no sense? How can they call back to something not canon? Esp when all the games are canon. Especially since back with Arena, Atlus didn’t go with Arcs System’s idea for a joke character cause *they only include canon stuff in their game* (btw, Atlus always had a FeMC planned for their games, that’s why they bothered with making P3P in the first place, and since she’s in the game she’s canon, she just exists in an alternate universe).

            *Also, the artbooks ARE CANON cause they are released by Atlus.* They include interviews, stuff about the creation process (like animation and concept art), and new tidbits about the characters you didn’t know (like the new artbook/2nd artbook they are releasing for P5 will include new info like their birthdays). They’ve only stated Persona Trinity Soul isn’t canon, which was literally in the-then new, P3P artbook, so if they wanted to mention how she wasn’t canon they would’ve done it in her own artbook! But they didn’t cause again *they only add things to their games that are canon*, and she’s canon cause she’s in the games and not P:TS. Also, saying artbooks aren’t a valid source of information is saying the games themselves aren’t valid sources of information. :/

            Ok what was the argument there and how was that debunked? If the argument was “Hey Theo is in PQ/Ultimax! This means that P3P is canon to us via alternate timeline.” then it’s correct, if it was “Hey Theo’s there! That means that FeMC is going to appear in PQ and if she doesn’t then that’s wrong!” then that is wrong.

            And when I mean Alternate timeline/alternate universe, it’s not me waving stuff away. This has existed since forever in the SMT/MegaTen world (and Atlus has even stated every choice and ending are canon, they just choose one route to follow for sequels cause obvs if the world ends in one ending they can’t make a sequel out of that), and *it is the very reason Persona even exists.* SMT If…. is where Persona starts, it branches off from SMT. Then in P1, the female protagonist of SMT If…. aka Tamaki/Tammy appears (as well as in P2 later), connecting them even more. Then in P2 we have two games who play with alternate timelines, P2IS essentially ceases to exist leading to a restart/brand new alternate timeline (cause of all the mass differences) to P2EP. So, so far we have 3 (counting P2 twice) games in the series which have played with alternate timelines, with P1 playing as a linking role. Now with P3, other than P3P which obviously plays with alternate universes (similar to P2 by mixing up the protagonists), you could say The Answer would’ve resulted in an alternate timeline to their own if they had gone back to the past like Yukari wanted to. P4G/PQ/P5 all touch upon it as well, PQ with it’s street passes, P5 with it’s thieves guild, and P4G with….whatever the thieves guild equivalent was, stating they are “alternate yous in other worlds/timelines.” And what is the FeMC? An alternate “you” to the male MC. Again, alternate universes/timelines aren’t new to the MegaTen/Persona series, stating she isn’t canon is ignoring a very key element to the franchise. Just cause we don’t see her in the other games, doesn’t mean she doesn’t exist. She exists, we just don’t see the rest of her timeline followed out in the rest of the games (tbh they’d probably play out similar to the male’s side since not much was changed between the two).

          • BabyMagnum

            They had stuff in games with Atlus that were not canon.

            TMS with Hee Ho market and Jack frost is a cameo.

            There’s more examples such as things in Trauma center.

            “Ok what was the argument there and how was that debunked?”

            The argument was that since Theo was in Q, that meant that Femc was canon. Theo himself is canon because there is no issue with him being in the game and he was also in the fighting games.

            Femc isn’t because Atlus hasn’t publically said or hinted that she was. The guy from Trinity has appeared in artbooks and artwork too that are canon but it doesn’t make him canon at all.

            I was asking for something from Atlus stated that she in particular is canon but so far there isn’t so I guess the conversation is over. Thanks.

          • sillyfudgemonkeys

            Sorry but the only things you listed as “stuff that Atlus included is not canon” (or are in a special side branch of the Megaten like TMS is, which has it’s own little pocket of canon) are non-Megaten stuff, if I didn’t make it clear that Atlus was talking about it for the Megaten universe then that’s my bad. The only time I’ve heard Atlus talking about that was only in terms of the main MegaTen/Persona franchise, I don’t follow their other games (like Trauma Team) so I can’t say for them, but since they’re made by different departments compared to MegaTen/Persona then that’s understandable they don’t have the same rules (so I guess I should be saying “If the MegaTen/Persona departments of Atlus put something in their game then it’s canon.”)

            All I can say about the Theo thing is “canon via multiple timeline/universes.” If that’s what people meant then that’s correct, if they meant it like “She’s will and should appear in PQ instead of MaleMC” then that’s wrong. All Theo proved is that P3P exists, the FeMC exists, but we don’t get to see her side play out.

            The artbooks are public tho man, they literally interview the creators (on top of the fact they are the ones who put all the other info into the book), that’s how people know P:TS isn’t canon cause it came from the creators mouths. I’m guessing the art you are talking about is promo art for concerts and stuff, which isn’t even related to the games themselves (just to celebrate the music). As for artbooks, what do you mean? They’ve appeared in the P3P one *to state that PTS isn’t canon*. If you mean P:TS’s own artbook…’s allowed to have an artbook (a lot of media have artbooks), the *creators of the show* probably wanted to give us information. Key word *creators of the show*, cause Atlus didn’t participate in creating PTS besides possibly telling them a few things like “Akihiko would be a police officer later in life,” which explains why PTS had the biggest error not having adults be able to summon personas (cause if Atlus did work on it that wouldn’t have happened). And we know no one at Atlus worked on it cause of credits.

            Kinda hard to give you that when Atlus’ entire thing “If we put something we put in games (MegaTen/Persona), it’s canon. We’ll make a statement if it’s not.” The only statements I can come up with are the few “this is non canon” statements (like PTS). Since I can’t give you either “here’s a statement that Atlus says she’s canon” nor a “here’s a statement that Atlus says she isn’t canon,” it’s a moot point. All I can give you is in-game evidence of how Multiple timelines/universes exist in the Megaten/Persona franchise but if you want to ignore that I guess that’s fine. My last reply, thanks bye.