Merchandise and Track List for Final Persona 20th Anniversary Concerts on October 28, 2017


The final “Persona 20th Anniversary Atlus Special” concerts, in collaboration with Game Symphony Japan, were announced last month to be taking place on October 28, 2017.

In the form of the “Game Symphony Japan 26th & 27th Atlus Special Concert ~Persona 20th Anniversary,” today merchandise for sale at the venue has been announced, alongside the full track list of the performance.

Additionally, more tickets will be up for sale for additional seats on October 21 at 21:00 PM JST via Lawson. Only “S seats” will be available, with the price of 8,500 yen (tax included).

GSJ 26th Concert Program

TitleSong Name
Revelations: PersonaThe Poem for Everyone's Souls
Awakening Legend
Battle ~ Tesso
The Snow Queen
Persona 2: Sin / PunishmentOpening
Knights of the Holy Lance
Joker Theme
Next To You (Kimi no Tonari)
Maya Theme
Boss Battle
Change Your Way
Persona 3Burn My Dread
When the Moon's Reaching Out Stars
Unavoidable Battle
The Voice Someone Calls
Heartful Cry
Because I will Protect You
Memories of You (Kimi no Kioku)
Persona 4Pursuing My True Self
Like A Dream Come True
A Sky Full Of Stars
Reach Out To The Truth -First Battle-
I'll Face Myself -Battle-
Never More
Persona 5Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There
Life Will Change
Beneath the Mask
Our Beginning
The Stars and Us (Hoshi To Bokura To)

GSJ 27th Concert Program

From "Persona 5"Song Name
PrologueWake Up, Get Up, Get Out there
Chapter 1: EscapeEscape
Life Will Change
Escape ~ Arrest
Interrogation Room
The Poem for Everyone's Souls
Chapter 2: AwakeningLast Surprise
Will Power
Chapter 3: EverydayBeneath the Mask - Instrumental Version
Tokyo Daylight
Butterfly Kiss
My Homie
Is it Boring
Break it Down
The Spirit
Chapter 4: PalaceMementos
King, Queen, and Slave
A Woman
The Days When My Mother Was There
The Whims of Fate
Chapter 5: Final BattleArk
Improvised Song Dedicated to the Next Prime Minister’s Ship
Rivers in the Desert
Swear to My Bones
Our Beginning
Chapter 6: JourneyThe Stars and Us (Hoshi To Bokura To) - Piano Version
The Stars and Us (Hoshi To Bokura To)

Merchandise Sales Information

As recently announced, a Blu-ray release of the GSJ 21’s concert for the Persona series’ 20th anniversary will be available for advanced sales.

  • Venue: Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall Foyer
  • Scheduled Sales Time: 
    • (1) 10:00 – 12:00
    • (2) 12:30 – 15:30
    • (3) 15:30 – 17:00
    • (4) 17:30 – 20:30

* (2), (4) are held only for those who have a ticket for a performance. (1), (3) are available also to those who do not have a ticket.

Game Symphony Japan 26th & 27th Concert Details

  • Time and Date:
    • 26th Concert [Luncheon Performance]: 13:30 (start) – 15:30 (end)
    • 27th Concert [Night Show]: 18:30 (start) – (20:30) end
  • Venue: Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall
  • Program:
    • Revelations: Persona
    • Persona 2 Innocent Sin/Eternal Punishment
    • Persona 3
    • Persona 4
    • Persona 5
  • Guest Artists:
    • Tomoko Komiya
    • Yumi Kawamura
    • Shihoko Hirata
    • Lyn
    • Hiroaki Hayama
  • Hosted By: Aim Village Co. Ltd
  • Performers:
    • Kenichi Shimura (Conductor)
    • Tokyo Chamber Orchestra (Orchestra)
    • Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra (Chorus)
    • My Opinion (Band)
    • Ai Nozama (Drums)
    • Ryuta (Keyboard)

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