Metaphor: ReFantazio Director Development Interview Preview


As announced previously, Weekly Famitsu magazine #1829 will feature a developer interview with director Katsura Hashino and character designer Shigenori Soejima on Metaphor: ReFantazio.

Ahead of the magazine’s release, Famitsu has published a preview from the interview with director Katsura Hashino.

The release date has been announced Fall 2024, and the game’s details are gradually being revealed. It seems to be an RPG with quite unique elements!

Hashino: I hope I have heightened your expectations. Nowadays, reality is often unreasonable, and there’s a tendency to say that “ideals are ultimately just wishful thinking.” Even if one upholds justice, conflicts are not easily resolved. Nevertheless, I think in modern times, we need some form of “ideal.”

Since this is something that varies with each individual’s perspective, this work also does not adhere to a simple structure of what values are right or wrong. Rather than insisting on or blindly accepting the current state of the world, I hope players will encounter various races and characters during their journey and that they will take home with them the emotions that arise within.

Are there elements that might resonate with one’s own beliefs?

Hashino: In the synopsis that’s been introduced, it hints at the entity that assassinated the king and prince, becoming the main character’s antagonist. However, it’s possible that one might feel that there is some truth in what the enemy is saying. I’ve always wanted to create a story where, unlike the clear-cut dynamics of “children versus adults” or “good versus evil” depicted in the Persona series, one can understand the other side’s ideology.

The protagonists also have their own sense of justice, but in a sense, it leans towards an “ideal,” while on the other hand, the thoughts of the opposing enemy seem more “realistic.” The struggle between these two, in a way, becomes a central theme.

It seems that the eight races are going to be deeply intertwined.

Hashino: The interracial issues are quite deep-rooted, but the protagonist, driven by a vague sense of justice, simply wants to help everyone in need. That’s why individuals who might be considered odd within their own race due to various circumstances are influenced by the protagonist and end up joining the journey. Eventually, a party is formed with a mix of races. From the perspective of the people in this world, it might appear as quite a… peculiar group.

Just reading the introductions of each race makes one curious about what will happen if these races embark on a journey together. The races in this work are unique to it. What intentions are behind this choice?

Weekly Famitsu magazine #1829, or the January 4, 2024 issue, will be released on December 21, 2023.