Metaphor: ReFantazio New Story Details, Characters, Screenshots


Following the second trailer for Metaphor: ReFantazio, Atlus has updated the official website for the upcoming fantasy RPG with new information. Details have been revealed about the game’s story premise, character profiles, and new screenshots and artwork.


This is a story of how people must find unity to elect a new king.

Our story takes place in The United Kingdom of Euchronia, where the assassination of the king brings chaos and unrest to the land.

Then, one fateful day, a magic known only to the king called the Royal Magic is invoked, and the world becomes embroiled in a royal tournament for the throne.

In the midst of this, the protagonist, together with his partner, the fairy Galica, must find a way to break the curse that has been placed on the prince that the kingdom believes to be dead. To do so, they depart on a journey across the vast land.

They will discover that in order to achieve their goal, they must participate in the tournament for the throne, and this great task shall require them to ally with many friends and followers of the various tribes inhabiting the world.


During his journey, the protagonist will meet and form bonds with people of many various tribes.

Protagonist – JPN VA: Natsuki Hanae

Together with the fairy, Gallica, he embarks on a journey to lift the deadly curse placed on his childhood friend, the prince of Euchronia.

He is a boy of the elda tribe, branded as a “tainted” people by the state religion who believe they have inherited dangerous and heretical magic. Being so rare among the populous, they are detested and discriminated against throughout the kingdom.

Gallica – JPN VA: Sumire Morohoshi

Not only a traveling companion, Gallica is the guide who helps the protagonist carry out his mission to save the prince.

Although she is too small to participate in battles, her knowledge of magic and ability to sense magla is superior to the protagonist due to her fairy nature. She doesn’t mince words, but she is a reassuring ally on his journey.

Strohl – JPN VA: Kensho Ono

He is a young man of the clemar tribe who meets the protagonist in the recruitment centre for the State Army.

A smart young man with a strong sense of justice, he hails from a noble family. And yet, it seems his circumstances are complicated, as it is rare for a noble to enlist in the army alongside commoners.

Hulkenberg – JPN VA: Saori Hayami

A knight of the roussainte tribe and former member of the royal family’s Kingsguard who served by the prince’s side.

Despite her young age, she excelled in the use of various weaponry, and was assigned to the personal guard of the prince. But when the prince was attacked, she failed to protect him and set out to wander, carrying the stigma of this failure in her heart.


A former knight of the eugief tribe.

He has acute perception compared to most others, due in part to the eugief trait of being sensitive to sound. With an appearance that differs greatly from other tribes, it’s not uncommon for eugiefs to be discriminated against-and it seems Heismay is no exception, his past his own burden to bear.

Japanese Voice Actors

A list of Japanese voice actors has been confirmed at the end of the second trailer:

Natsuki Hanae, Sumire Morohoshi, Kensho Ono, Saori Hayami, Kazuhiko Inoue, Akio Otsuka, Yoshino Nanjo, Misato Fukuen, Yoshimasa Hosoya, Tetsu Inada, Mamiko Noto, Banjo Ginga, Yuichi Nakamura, Mitsuru Miyamoto, Noriko Hidaka, Megumi Ogata, Satoshi Mikami, Tomokazu Sugita, Toru Furuya, Yui Ishikawa, Atsushi Tamaru, Yoko Hikasa, Fairouz Ai, and Kenji Hamada.


Meet and bond with your followers.


Unique battles that combine action and turn-based commands. Party customization offering a high degree of freedom and strategy. An evolution of the realistic day-by-day journey of the Persona series.


Critically acclaimed artists, including the creators of “Persona 3”, “Persona 4”, and “Persona 5” are bringing this adventure.

Director: Katsura Hashino

Notable Works: Persona 3 / Persona 4 / Persona 5 / Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne

Character Designer: Shigenori Soejima

Notable Works: Persona 3 / Persona 4 / Persona 5

Composer: Shoji Meguro

Notable Works: Persona 3 / Persona 4 / Persona 5 / Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne

Concept Artist: Kazuma Koda

Notable Works: NieR: Automata

Mechanical Designer: Ikuto Yamashita

Notable Works: Neon Genesis EVANGELION

Art & Sound

Journey through a vast and magnificent fantasy world. Explore the game alongside an intuitive and beautiful UI that elevates the experience. Lend your ear to masterfully crafted music utilizing captivating unique chants.

Key Visual


Metaphor: ReFantazio will be released worldwide in Fall 2024 for the Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, PS4, PS5, and Steam.