MMORPG Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine to Shut Down after 9 Years in Service

The MMORPG Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine was released on April 4, 2007 and today, nine years later, it has been announced that the game will be shut down on May 24, 2016 at 11:00 AM.

The reason given for the termination of the service is that it has become difficult to continue providing a satisfying, ongoing experience for the players, after years of listening to players’ suggestions and extensive updates.

The officially released schedule for the future of the game is:

  • March 11 at 16:00: End of new account registrations.
  • March 15 at 10:00: “Refund application” of unconsumed CP start being accepted.
  • March 15 at 11:00: “Certified Net cafe services” end.
  • March 23 at 13:00: CP purchases will no longer be accepted, with the end of the payment service.
  • May 24 at 11:00: “Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE” end of service.
  • May 24 at 11:00: CP will no longer be able to be used.
  • May 31 at 11:00: “Refund application” for unconsumed CP ends.
  • May 31 at 11:00: Refunds for unconsumed CP from the members who applied starts.
  • June 7 at 16:00: Support for the game ends.
  • June 28 at 16:00: Personal relations for the game ends.
  • June 30 at 18:00: Unconsumed CP refunds are complete.

CP is a paid service using real currency, used to purchase CP items.

The English version of SMT: Imagine was shut down by Marvelous USA—which incorporated Atlus Online—two years ago on February 28, 2014.

Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine is a massively online multiplayer RPG with the framework of an SMT game. The game takes place in a collapsed Tokyo, with players assuming the role of “Demon Busters” who fight and converse with demons to survive in its harsh world. The game is set between the events of Shin Megami Tensei and Shin Megami Tensei II.

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  • What a shame. I didn’t get to play on the international servers and now I won’t be able to play on the Japanese ones. This makes me sad. :(

    • ArminJrpg

      Only good about it was the SMT lore and the Community :/ the game itself wasn’t anything special, I hope they make another MMO later though :/

      • Zet

        i beg to differ, the game was so unique and had such complexity besides the things you stated (although the mythology was one of my strongest drives) , if the N/A servers had been updated with new content as regularly as Jap, it would’ve been still going strong.

  • Shadownade

    Makes me wonder if one of the 20th Anniversary projects would be a Persona MMO. I can dream.

    • Luxocell

      god is dead so your horrible, horrible suggestion could become true

    • マーク ☠

      There already is a Persona MMO, it’s a phone game.

      • Joseph

        how 2 play?

        • sillyfudgemonkeys

          I think you need a japanese phone to play it (same goes for all the other phone games, and some of them seem pretty neat there’s side stories to P1, P2, and P3 and I wish we could get them….;w;) and I think you also need to pay to play. :/
          Anyways here’s what it if you want to look into it more:

          • Joseph

            Ah, I didn’t know about the monthly fee, and I don’t really mind importing, but I couldn’t find any information about it.

          • マーク ☠

            I don’t think it has a monthly fee, but it’s not free.

          • マーク ☠

            It should be noted that these games will require an imode compatible phone, and only specific models will be able to run the games. So make sure to get the right one. Another point is that a lot of the phone games are close to, or well over 10 years old, so whether or not they are still even available for download is it’s own question. The Persona side-stories are not all that… story wise, the gameplay is alright though.
            That being said some of the other Megaten phone games are pretty cool, and worth a play if you’re interested, I highly recommend 真・女神転生ピンボール JUDGMENT.
   Here is some gameplay of Aegis: The First Mission

    • ChieIsLifeButNaotoisBestWaifu

      Just no

  • マーク ☠

    Someone needs to make a private server!!!

    • Joseph


  • Dual_Heart

    RIP #Spirit

  • Brian Rodriguez

    Oh come on! this game was fantastic and i’m pretty sure it could be popular enough to keep it going if they bring it back to the US heck if they’re going to shut it down at least i hope for a sequel/re release with updated graphics and a worldwide release cause the SMT fanbase has grown a lot in the last 9 years to the point that i’m sure it would be a instant hit..

  • FacingtheSnow

    i was just looking to play the game for the first time , and depared myself with this page , the game is going to be shutdown and didnt toke the pleasure of playing it , why the good games have to end like this and the bad ones have to keep going ?

  • Jaspreet Sandhu

    Is there a similar game to this one I can play instead?
    On of the things I like about this game is that I can battle and capture demons, you can also summon them and use them to fight, are there any games out there that something like this?

  • I’m still pissed that the English Servers were taken offline.

  • I’m also upset that I never got to explore the entire game!

  • Kelvin Felix

    That was the best Mmorpg I’ve ever played, so many good memories in it since 2011, I hope they make something similar since this game was a one of a kind, there are no similar games, it was a shame when the english servers closed up, I even played in the japanese server for some time, but the people in there were really annoying and self centered that I couldn’t stand to play it anymore, but that was the best online game ever…Cheers from ケルビン of the Tempest clan. :)


    So sad… It was the best MMO in the world :(

  • Moreno Braga

    There is a project to a private server. And its almost done. Check the Shin megami tensei imagine community on Facebook.

  • Christian Gregory Sweeney

    Too bad I didn’t get any refund when the US server shutdown. *grumble grumble*

  • xXSenjiXx

    I really enjoyed listening to the bgm while in that forested area just pass the beginners area =/