More Persona 5 Story Information Detailed, Phone App Used to Enter the Other World

Following the Persona 5 Famitsu interview excerpt with director Katsura Hashino and the recent Persona 5 information leak,  the rest of the story details from the newest issue of the Japanese magazine have surfaced.

Translations provided thanks to Mystic from TRADUKO Soft (@MysticDistance) and Persona Central commenter JB:


  • Unlike Persona 3 and Persona 4Persona 5‘s story is designed to be like an “omnibus,” with no one specific enemy or criminal that the team chases after. Like a serial drama TV show, the Phantom Thieves change the targets they chase regularly.
  • A fundamental part of the story is the mystery behind a phone application called “Isekainabi” (“Otherworldnavi” or “Parallel World Navigation”). Using this app, the main characters discover the location of their targets and are able to infiltrate the other world known as “Palace” to steal the hearts of “rotten people.”
  • Unlike the protagonists and their friends in Persona 3 and Persona 4 who become directly involved together to solve a specific incident, the cast of Persona 5 are involved with social reformation and atonement.
  • “Palace” is the other world which is responsible for settings such as an old castle, pyramids, an art gallery, and more. These locations are fundamentally tied to Persona 5‘s background.


  • The protagonist and his friends are troubled, and there is a part of them that feels they have lost their way. Because of this, they devote themselves to using the “Isekinabi” app suddenly granted to them in order to help others.
  • Ryuji Sakamoto meets the main character on the first day of school and kicks off the creation of the Phantom Thief team. His relationship with the protagonist is that of a “bad influence.”
  • Ann Takamaki is restrained in her daily life and feels she has lost her place in the world but, as a Phantom Thief, she is much more lively and energetic.
  • Morgana is the most “thief-like” member of the team and assumes the role of a guide for the other characters.
  • Yusuke Kitagawa has a certain problem of his own he is dealing with, and drama begins when he encounters the other characters. Yusuke, in particular, is tied to the “omnibus-like” story for “world reformation.”


  • Every character’s initial Persona is designed to embody the concept of a “picaresque hero.” Characters awaken to them in specific parts of Palace, the alternate world inside people’s hearts.


  • The SNS system seen in the PV03 trailer will have players chatting with other characters using phone text messages. This will allow players to personalize and expand their stories.
  • Players will be able to explore various locations in the Greater Tokyo Area, as seen in trailers.


  • Hashino reiterates that the scope of the game is very large, so the development team requires more time to properly finish it.

Persona 5 is slated to be released for the PS3 and PS4 in Japan in Summer 2016, with a 2016 North American release date.

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  • Reece Bamber


  • JB

    Could write a huge comment on these latest details, but i’ll just say that i’m glad they’re changing up the way the plot works for this one. It makes fully enjoying the game for people like us who follow every single piece of info that comes out way easier cause it’s more about experiencing the various adventures these characters go on rather than “AT THE END *** ***” or “****** IS THE KILLER”.

  • mrzeeman321

    Wait, so this “Omnibus” thing, is it like MGSV where you have a bunch of story missions that you can complete in any order? (e.g. After Ocelot rescues you and you arrive in Afghanistan, there’s like 5 story missions available for you to tackle in any order)
    Or in the supposed Persona 5 equivalent of that, a bunch of dungeons that you can complete in any order?
    Sounds interesting

    • JB

      Well I was going to translate “omnibus” as “episodic” but that word has a connotation in video games that could be disastrously misinterpreted in this case. Think of it like a TV show rather than a movie in terms of how the plot is laid out. “The Phantoms take on a corrupt politician!” and then “The Phantoms deal with a predator of women!” , with an overarching plot thread/mystery, rather than focusing on that plot/mystery the entire time.

      • mrzeeman321

        I see, sounds awesome :D

      • blade90

        is that all to the interview ? or is there more ?

      • Rickivan

        basically mass effect 2 style

  • blade90

    is this all that was in the interview ?

    • That’s probably most of it considering all the previous leaks.

      • blade90

        I see makes sense

        • There could still be a couple little details in like the screenshots and such but that is most of it.

  • JB

    The most important thing I gleamed from the article is it’s Ann Takamaki , finally, an official spelling of her first name!

    • No e is strange in my opinion. They might add it in localization.

      • twincast

        Way late reply, but FYI that’s actually the “proper” (so to speak) English spelling before the French one rose in popularity.

        Not to mention it’s still a kanji (and thus Japanese) name, in which silent e’s have no place whatsoever.

        • Warren Kei Snow

          glad someone mentioned it, calling her Anne really annoyed me for some reason. I really think people liked it because she looked white and was the closest thing to having a white person in the newest persona series. When its localized I hope they don’t change it or if they want removed a ‘n’ but I hope don’t add the ‘e’.

          The only name they actually ever changed was Fuuka but that was because of how people would have pronounced it. As well as Teddie because we have bear puns and don’t have people say their name after each sentence.

  • Ryuji is a bad influence huh… And Yusuke is central to the whole omnibus world reforming set up huh… Those pictures are probably pretty important then. Somebody suggested they might be a hub and well that is looking more likely. I wonder what his problem is. And the whole drama but, that lines up with the whole we might be fighting him in some of the scenes in the third trailer.

  • AbdurRasheed Sadiq

    This game is going to be so amazing!

  • “Yesssss.”


  • fukuro

    This game is starting to sound like it will be a unfinished mess like pretty much every single game this generation of consoles. All this promises i bet they will only deliver half of it.

    • finalmoose

      Care to elaborate on why you feel this way? I mean, the promises here don’t sound in any way extreme, and the game has been in development for several years now. If they were planning on just tossing out a lackluster product, then they would have just given us a 2015 release date, and let the profit start rolling in sooner.

      • fukuro

        This game has been delayed for two years straight my friend. Look at the rest of the games this console generation (both in Japan and in the West) and you will find that the majority of them are rushed, unfinished products (MGSV being the latest one).

        Now you have the director of this game saying that the game’s ‘scope of the game is very large, so the development team requires more time to properly finish it.’

        Instead of making petitions about dual audio, we should be making petitions asking for hashino and the persona team to make sure the final game is not a overly ambitious, unfinished mess.

        • David Gil

          Atlus has never failed us in Persona.

          Unlike MGSV they’re not trying to make character models with 50 billion polygons and use cutting edge graphics. Hence infinitely less man power and development time required just for mere appearance.

          Unlike all the shitty dime a dozen purdy graphix open world action games, the development time won’t be spent painstakingly modeling the characters nose hairs. It’ll go to story and characters.

          I haven’t played a crappy JRPG last gen or this gen. It’s all the mainstream crap that’s getting the sloppy treatment, as expected, it makes the most money so the devs are just tossing it out there knowing the audience doesn’t care about quality.

        • finalmoose

          Hopeless…just hopeless.

        • Creed1217

          2 years isn’t that big a deal when you put it next to Last Guardian, FFXV, and many other anticipated JRPG titles. This game could’ve came out on ps3 year ago smaller in scale and with significantly less things to do in it, but now its coming to current and next gen consoles with even more into it. Is it that unreasonable to believe that optimizing for a brand new system wouldn’t take I dunno time? Now that p4 is finally done and over with we’ll get more news about P5 and more marketing for it. If all goes well that release date might be sooner than you think than the middle of next year.

    • blade90

      you do know the delayed the game so it would’t be a unfinished mess your comment makes no sense

      • fukuro

        MGSV was also delayed, that didn’t work out for Kojima. Maybe the persona team should settle for making a more simple game instead of the biggest persona game.

        • blade90

          yeah not sure I agree with this right now this game is looking to be the best persona game and this franchise is clearly not for you

        • Creed1217

          That didn’t work out for Kojima because Konami wanted to put it out and start milking the cash from it but Kojima wanted to wait longer to make it better, and actually have ALL of the content in it. Hence why he was fired.

          From my understanding the core parts of the game for Persona 5 from its story, to music, to programming are done. Their polishing it and adding in more things to do especially since their utilizing newer hardware meaning they can do more things. An RPG is all about replayabilty so this is a good thing. Like blade90 said your comment makes no sense -______-

        • Rui

          Lol MGSV. There’s nothing Kojima could have done to save it. His beef with Konami already sealed the deal. I’m surprised they were even able to launch the game.

  • Maurice Fleshman

    Anne…An…..Ann…and I have seen Anzu? WTf is this character’s name people?

    • Persona_Central

      The character’s name is written “Ann Takamaki,” confirmed very recently through the Weekly Famitsu magazine issue released on September 24, 2015.

  • Miguel :^)

    oh, boy. I can’t wait!

  • Jeryn

    no word on when it gets released in the EU……..
    I hope not 2017.

  • Dgnfly
    • blade90

      no go away

      • Dgnfly

        what’s wrong afraid your pretty horrible Murican becomes obsolete which it might become with the voice actors strike going on i sure hope for it. cause they such at their job anyways.

        • blade90

          who wants to sight a petition where the comments insults English dubs plus I’m not afraid Atlus use none union people and the strike will not succeeded anyways but thanks for showing your true colors in persona central since a LOT of people here love dubs so good luck

    • Naoto7

      no nobody wants to sign your petition

      • Dgnfly

        what’s wrong also butthurt by a petition with the rest off your murican butthurt countrymen about a petition.

        • blade90

          and As long as the actors contracts for P5 have already been signed then no. All projects that have been recorded or are currently being recorded will not be affected by the strike. And it would be very unlikely that the contracts for P5 haven’t been signed this late into development. Hack, the dub has probably already been recorded considering they intended a 2015 release.

          • Naoto7

            I was going to say that but oh well

          • Dgnfly

            o look it’s the butthurt brigade cause facts scare them and they need their sense off americanization off a foreign product.

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        what’s wrong butthurt XBOX fanboy so butthurt that you need to follow me where i post.

        • warsama

          first off I love PlayStation ,Xboxs is trash and secondly,why are you following me ? this, the home of people who love dubs.

          • Dgnfly

            stop kidding yourself xbox fanboy or else you woulden’t have said so back at dualshockers. 2ndly i alrdy posted before you so your more likely stalking me. and if i see your history posting i see that you haven’t visited this placfe ever before. with only 22 post your most likely a troll.

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    sorry about before

  • blade90

    the waiting sucks

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