New Etrian Odyssey V Screenshots, Character Artwork


Via 4Gamer, Atlus has sent out a press release about the previously detailed race and class skills in Etrian Odyssey V: The End of the Long Myth, along with new screenshots and complete character artwork.



The Earthrun race represents humans. They are the most prosperous race, and they live in a variety of regions throughout the game’s world, Arcadia. They have the most classes available to them, with the Fencer, Dragoon, Cestus and Reaper classes.

Race Skills:

  • Fishing: The ability to fish at specific spots in forest areas.
  • Martial Arts: Increases resistance against seals on each individual part of the body.

Earthrun Skill


The Lunaira race represents elves and they are the most intelligent of the races. They mainly live in the Sidonia region where they research magic, and they are very proficient in using it.

Race Skills:

  • Magic Perception: Slightly increases the INT stat, and it can also discover nearby objects which emanate magic.
  • Magic Attachment: Slightly increases the LUC stat, and it also raises the power of offense-based items.

Lunaria Skill


Therians are the beast race, who are said to be descendants of actual beasts. They live within deep forests or mountain ridges. They excel in power and agility.

Race Skills:

  • Hunting Technique: Slightly increases the STR stat, and is able to acquire beasts that can be used for food in forests.
  • Vigilance: Slightly increases the WIS stat, and passively raises the chance of a preemptive attack for characters with this skill.

Therian Skill

Hunting Technique permitted the party to find a bird for valuable food during dungeon exploration.



The Bronie race represents dwarves. They live on vast grasslands, and their talent lies in their knowledge of nature and the use of medicines.

Race Skills:

  • Herbalism: Raises the effect of healing items used by the Bronie character in battles.
  • Orderliness: Slightly increases the VIT stat, and passively raises the amount of items the character with this skill can carry by 5.

Bronie Skill

Union Skills

Union Skills are unique skills where multiple characters synchronize to use powerful abilities for specific tactical situations. Players need to fill up the “Union Gauge” completely to call upon these skills, and doing so can be done in different ways such as winning battles.

One Union Skill is Tri Shield. This will nullify up to three enemy attacks during the turn it is used.


Fencer (Earthrun)

Fencers have fast movement to avoid enemy attacks while linking attacks with their allies. They have Chain element skills, which—if an ally attacks with a specific element—will allow the Fencer to perform additional attacks.

Notable Skills:

  • Vision Thrust: The ability to perform a close range attack which has the chance to blind the enemy.
  • Chain Fire: If the enemy is hit by an attack of the “Stab” or “Fire” element on the same turn this ability is used, the character will perform an additional attack.
  • Sylpheed: If the character dodges an enemy’s attack, this ability gives the character a chance to counter with a normal attack.

Dragoon (Earthrun)

A dragon knight clad in hard armor with high defense. Dragoons use guns as their primary weapon, with the ability to shoot after blocking.

Notable Skills:

  • Line Guard: Ability that reduces physical damage to an ally during the turn it is used.
  • Gun Mount: Ability that extends the effects of a “Guard” skill used on the previous turn, while shooting an enemy from long range.
  • Barrage Wall: Shoots all enemies with special bullets, reducing their physical attack strength for 3 turns.

Warlock (Lunaria)

Warlocks are magicians who attack using the elements. They are able to fight several different kinds of enemies due to their versatility.

Notable Skills:

  • Fire Ball: Shoots a long-range fireball at an enemy that will also spread out to the left and right positions of that enemy upon impact.
  • High Speed Chant: With this ability, skills that require chanting can be used during the turn this is used without waiting, but they will consume more TP when used.
  • Chant: Compressed Technique: A magic attack used during the next turn will only be able to hit a single enemy, but its (concentrated) damage will be increased.

Warlock Skill Tree

Masurao (Therian)

Masurao are warriors who use sharp swords and specialize in attacking at the front line in a party. When they become masters, they are able to wield four swords simultaneously.

Notable Skills:

  • Demon Unrivaled: This ability increases the damage delivered by subsequent hits when performing multi-hit attacks.
  • Flying Swallow: A wallow sent to attack an enemy once with maximum speed, and attack a second time when the enemy’s turn ends.
  • New Rival: An exploration-specific skill which triggers a battle. It increases the chance to encounter rare enemies and to trigger continuous battles.

Herbalist (Bronie)

Herbalists specialize in healing abilities using different kinds of herbs. They can also use herbs to attack using poison. They excel when placed at the rear row in a party for support.

Notable Skills:

  • Cure Herb: Recovers an ally’s HP with the use of herbal medicine.
  • Poison Smoke: Throws a smoke ball composed of poison, giving the chance to inflict the poison status on every enemy on a single row. The enemy resistance to poison is also decreased for 3 turns.
  • Dark Smoke: Throws a ball composed of tear gas, giving the chance to inflict the blind status on every enemy on a single row. The enemy resistance to being blinded is also decreased for 3 turns.

Adventurer’s Guild Introduction

The Adventurer’s Guild is where adventurers who represent the player’s alter ego are represented. New adventurers are registered here, organized and their appearances can be customized.

Edgar (CV: Tomohiro Tsuboi)
Edgar (CV: Tomohiro Tsuboi)

With the aim of reaching the summit of Yggdrasil…!

Rocky Mountain Path - Second Stratum
Rocky Mountain Path – Second Stratum
Kaimei Tomb - Third Stratum
Kaimei Tomb – Third Stratum

Etrian Odyssey V: The End of the Long Myth will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on August 4, 2016 in Japan.