New Persona 4: Dancing All Night Details via PlayStation Dengeki


Following the game’s release date announcementPersona 4: Dancing All Night has more information from this week’s PlayStation Dengeki magazine, via Gematsu.

Gematsu P4D1Character Profiles

  • Yosuke: Heads out to the city, along with his friends, to where Yu lives for certain reasons.
  • Chie: Dances like how she fights: with kung fu.
  • Kanji: His dance style evokes brute strength, charming the audience.
  • Teddie: Refers to himself as “The Prince of Dance.”


  • Rhythmically, players tap buttons as they appear on screen, with “Up”, “Left” and “Down” appearing on the left side of the screen, and “Triangle”, “Circle” and “X” appearing on the right side.
  • P4D will feature known rhythm game systems such as simultaneous button presses and long presses.
  • As players build up combos, they can trigger special scenes (more information on that at a later date).

Gematsu P4D2Aesthetic

  • Shadows, the enemies in this game, are fought by dancing.
  • As shown in the trailer, duets with two dancers will be featured in addition to solo performances.
  • “The enemy icon from the Shin Megami Tensei Super Nintendo games appears at the top of screen during dances.”

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