New Persona 5 Collaborations with Artemis Kings, Princess Cafe, Ikebukuro Marui


Three new Persona 5 related collaborations have been announced during the final episode of the Persona Stalker Club V talk show,  with three different companies: Artemis Kings, Princess Cafe and Ikebukuro Marui.

Artemis Kings

Japanese jewelry manufacturer Artemis Kings will be releasing Persona 5 themed rings, made of 925 sterling silver.

Two of the ones shown were for FOX (aka Yusuke Kitagawa) and QUEEN (aka Makoto Niijima).

Based on the masks of their Phantom Thief guises and including their code names, there will be rings for the following characters:

  1. Protagonist
  2. Ann Takamaki
  3. Ryuji Sakamoto
  4. Yusuke Kitagawa
  5. Morgana
  6. Makoto Niijima
  7. Futaba Sakura
  8. Haru Okumura
  9. Goro Akechi

The rings will be released in early May 2017.

Previously, Atlus had a Persona 3 The Movie collaboration with Artemis Kings.

Princess Cafe

A “Persona 5 X Princess Cafe” collaboration has been announced to take place at Ikebukuro, Nagoya, Osaka, Sapporo and Fukuoka Princess Cafe locations, from April to June 2017.

Details concerning this collaboration will be announced in the near future.

Previous Persona 5 collaboration cafes include the one for Pasela Resorts in October 2016, and the one for Game Symphony Japan Premium Week in March 2017.

Ikebukuro Marui

From May 10 to May 28, 2017, Atlus will be holding a limited time store called the “Persona 5 Thief Team Ikebukuro Hideout” at the Ikebukuro Marui shopping center, in collaboration with manufacturer “The Chara.”

There will be limited event products sold at the location, as well as previously released merchandise.

Atlus previously held a limited time store for Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse in February 2016.