Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase Announced for June 28, 2022


A Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase has been announced for June 28, 2022. Focused on third-party Nintendo Switch games, this will be a 25-minute pre-recorded presentation at 6 AM PDT / 9 AM EDT / Other Time Zones.

Notably, a couple of days ago a rumor started circulating by an editor of Spanish games magazine Manual, Nacho Requena, of a Nintendo Direct third-party presentation taking place this Tuesday. The journalist particularly mentioned the following:

I’ve also been told that some Persona game will be present, though I don’t know which game. I’ve also been told there will be another game that has been available for some time on other platforms… it’s been available for four years now.

Potentially, this upcoming Nintendo Direct Mini could feature a Persona game port akin to the recently announced ports of Persona 5 RoyalPersona 3 Portable, and Persona 4 Golden.