NIS America to No Longer Publish Atlus Games in Europe

After the release of Odin Sphere Leifthrasir in Europe on June 24, 2016, NIS America has announced that they will not be publishing Atlus games in Europe from then on.

NIS America MD Takuro Yamashita has stated to MCV that ever since Atlus was purchased by Sega in September 2013, they have experienced problems working with Atlus to publish their titles over in Europe.

“Around ten days ago, we terminated our alliance with Atlus in Europe and the US,” Yamashita told MCV.

“Atlus became very picky about selecting the European publishing partner after it was bought by Sega. It always cherry picked its EU publishing partner based on who offered the highest minimum guarantee on a title by title basis. I noticed that it was very difficult for NIS America to establish an equal-partnership with Atlus.

“Atlus and its European games have contributed a lot to the expansion of NIS America in Europe. I would like to express my greatest appreciation to them for that.”

The termination of their alliance also means that NIS America games will no longer be distributed by Atlus in North America, as they have been in the past. While games like Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance and Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair were published by NISA in North America, Atlus had served as the distributor for retail channels until now.

Previously, NIS America has released Atlus games including Persona 4 GoldenEtrian Odyssey  Untold 2: The Fafnir Knight and Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth in Europe. The final Atlus game they will be publishing in the region will be Odin Sphere Leifthrasir on June 24, 2016.


  • Noobster

    Is it good or bad?

    • Not going to lie, it looks like it sucks

    • Michelle Scully

      Bad, ba bad.. Atlus haven’t released a Persona game themselves in the EU since the PSP port of the first one. They took almost 2 years to released Shin Megami Tensei IV here. If we do get games like Persona 5 from them, assume it will take a LOT longer than if NIS were publishing them. Fuck Atlus and Sega.

      • Anssi

        Well, you can just buy the NA version which probably ends up costing about the same anyways.

        • Crimrui

          Thats good for PS games but what if Atlus releases a game for Nintendo? You’ll have region lock to worry about then.

    • WriimeENT

      It means Europe won’t get Persona 5………… *rage quit*

  • finalmoose

    lol rip eu

  • Marcin Szklarz

    Ouch that’s gonna hurt.

    The only info we need now for Eu to die is that P5 will be region locked.

    And that would be sad.

  • May_Patra

    Thanks for reminding us of your dislike for the PAL region, Atlus.
    Didn’t get the memo the first few times.


  • Kioku

    People! I’ll be honest, but there is a ray of hope!
    I strongly believe that Atlus will overcome this and show some love to us by finding a better publisher than NIS America!

  • RaenUE

    That’s …unfortunate, to say the least.

  • miria

    sega publish game and ps4 and ps3 are free region worst case full digital game but i want box