Official Persona 5 Crow Artwork and Persona 5 the Animation Volume 10 Cover Art Revealed via Persona O.A. Datamine


Update (2019-03-14): A sample of the Goro Akechi artwork has been officially released by the Persona 5 anime Twitter account, with an introduction of male character wallpapers for White Day.


Persona O.A.” is the official smartphone app released for Persona 5 the Animation in March 2018. It features various regularly released Persona related media, including special wallpaper.

Through a recent datamine via Twitter user @regularpanties, upcoming wallpaper images of note which will be released through Persona O.A. have been revealed.

Official Goro Akechi “Crow” Artwork

One of the wallpapers is of the first officially revealed artwork for the phantom thief version of Goro Akechi: code name “Crow.”

The render is in the style of the initially revealed phantom thief forms from Famitsu in June 2016.

The artwork also includes the first artwork in that style for Akechi’s persona, Robin Hood.

Persona 5 the Animation Volume 10 Cover

The other datamined wallpapers consist of the cover art for Persona 5 the Animation Volume 10, which is set for release on March 27, 2019.

This one features Sae Niijima. As with the other covers, it is reversible, with Sae’s normal look on one side and her shadow form on the other.

Volume 10 will include episodes 25 and 26, alongside The Animation Soundtrack CD Vol. 4.

Volume 9’s cover art features Goro Akechi.

— @regularpanties (1, 2)