Official Persona 5 Funko Pops Listed for February 2019 Release


Official Persona 5 Funko Pop! figures have surfaced through leaked retailer listings, with multiple sources indicating their legitimacy.

Under the “Pop Games” label, the listings indicate the following Persona 5 Funko Pops:

  1. Persona 5 Ann
  2. Persona 5 Morgana
  3. Persona 5 Ryuji
  4. Persona 5 The Joker

Reddit user Valyrious_ found that the Persona 5 Funko Pops were available for pre-order through the GameStop / EB Games system. They state that the listing indicates a February 26, 2019 release date.

Corroborating this, serlentpops on Instagram posted a different image of a receipt for the pre-orders they obtained at EB Games.

An EB Games receipt showing listings for Persona 5 Funko Pops of Ann, Morgana, Ryuji, and Joker.

These same items had previously been indicated on an earlier, supposedly leaked list of upcoming Funko Pop merchandise (and corroborated, as well):