Official Persona 5 Hero Phantom Suit and Mask Cosplay Products Announced


Cosplay costume company Cospa has announced a replica of the costume worn by the Persona 5 protagonist, in addition to a replica of his mask. Both are set to be released in late September 2017.

P5 Hero Phantom Suit

The “P5 Hero Phantom Suit” was supervised by character designer Shigenori Soejima, and will include the coat, pocket handkerchief, jacket, pants and gloves.

Product Description

  • Fastening the waist part of the coat and jacket with the inner metal fittings will reproduce the silhouette of the Persona 5 protagonist.


  • With official supervision, elegant shiny synthetic leather was used.
  • The lining is attached.
  • As with the original setting, the front of the coat is not closed, the design is intended to be worn open. Whilst buttons are included, it cannot be worn closed.
  • The silhouette of the large collar which surrounds the face was designed under official supervision.
  • The characteristic design of the body and sleeves was expected through switching fabrics and giving a stereoscopic effect through the stitching.

Pocket Handkerchief

  • An elegant, shiny fabric was used.
  • In accordance with the official setting, it should be folded into three peaks and placed in the breast pocket.


  • A synthetic leather with a metallic texture was used. Additionally the slender design was reproduced.
  • The lining is attached.
  • The front features a lock type hook for the neck so that it will stay affixed. By opening the front part, the button is hidden.
  • The distinctive design of the front is completed by sewing on a patch, to give a three dimensional finish.
  • Adding metal parts to the top of the patch reproduces the design of the original setting.
  • The round rubber included with the cuffs is intended to be worn over the middle finger. This prevents the cuffs from protruding from the gloves, maintaining the silhouette around the cuffs.


  • A synthetic leather with a strong texture, excellent stretchability and suppressed gloss is used.
  • The characteristic design where both sides are bulging is reproduced. A commitment to balancing them has been made.
  • In order to reproduce the original design, decorative buttons have been added to the front zipper.
  • As in the original setting, the waist is high.
  • Rubber on both sides of the waist belt gives versatility in size.
  • The coat tail is tailored to specific specifications so that is is easy to wear even with a tight silhouette.


  • As in line with the original design, vivid red synthetic leather is used.
  • The back side is a mixed fabric of polyester and cotton. As it contains cotton material, it is hygroscopic and has a nice finish.
  • The wrists are fastened with Velcro.


  • Coat/Jacket: Outer surface is 100% Polyurethane, base fabric is 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton, lining cloth is 100% Polyester.
  • Pocket Handkerchief: 100% Polyester.
  • Pants/Gloves: Outer surface is 100% Polyurethane, base cloth is 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton.


Corresponding Size:XSSML
Height (cm)160165170175
Chest (cm)77-8383-8989-9596-104
Waist (cm)61-6767-7373-8080-88
Hip (cm)77-8383-8989-9696-104
Shoulder Width (cm)40424446.5
Coat SizeXSSML
Length (cm)Approx. 122Approx. 126Approx. 130Approx. 134
Sleeve Length (cm)Approx. 625Approx. 63.5Approx. 64.5Approx. 65.5
Jacket DimensionsXSSML
Length (cm)Approx. 49Approx. 51Approx. 53Approx. 55
Sleeve Length (cm)Approx. 64Approx. 65Approx. 66Approx. 67
Pants SizeXSSML
Waist (cm)Approx. 56 to 64Approx. 62 to 70Approx. 68 to 76Approx. 76 to 94
Hip (cm)Approx. 85.5Approx. 91.5Approx. 97.5Approx. 105.5
Inseam (cm)Approx. 63.5Approx. 65.5Approx. 67.5Approx. 69.5
Glove SizeSSMM
Around the Palm (cm)Approx. 19Approx. 19Approx. 23Approx. 23

Purchase Details

  • Preoders Open: 
  • Release Date: Late September 2017
  • Price: 150,000 yen (162,000 yen including tax)

P5 Hero Phantom Mask

The “P5 Hero Phantom Mask” is a replica of the mask worn by the protagonist of Persona 5, and was supervised by character designer Shigenori Soejima.

Product Description

  • Faithful reproduction of the color scheme and texture with the use of stereoscopic modeling, resulting in a handmade, authentic mask by a craftsman.
  • The characteristic patterns for the eyes are painted by hand, one by one.
  • The base has a white pearl paint finish, under official supervision.
  • By using urethane material on the back side, it is comfortable to be worn and is made to have a slight gap between the mask and the face.
  • It is mounted with the inclusion of a rubber belt. It can be adjusted to fit the size of one’s head.
  • Because it is removable with metal fittings attached to the right side of the rubber belt, it is easy to install, even after wearing a wig.


  • It is made of urethane resin.


  • Freely adjustable size, from about 45 cm to about 63 cm.
  • Mask Dimensions: Horizontal x Depth x Height: about 19.5 cm x about 11.5 cm x about 7.5 cm

Purchase Details

  • Preoders Open: 
  • Release Date: Late September 2017
  • Price: 24,000 yen (25,920 yen including tax)


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