P-Studio Art Unit Interview About the Persona Series Character Design Process at Atlus


Fingers and Signatures

Kabayashi: So Oribe-san was talking previously about how finely she would draw, even with fingers and joints. As I was drawing [the cover art of the P5 Soundtrack], I thwought about drawing the hands with detail, as well.

Shimada: You even had the lunulae in your lineart.

Kabayashi: I wanted to draw a handsome man’s hands. (laughs)

Oribe: The way hands are drawn changes with the artist. Soejima-san draws hands so differently from us, you can tell by looking at the art.

Soejima: I suppose I don’t draw my hands as ruggedly.

Oribe: Soejima-san hardly indicates the joints in his hands, while Kabayashi-san and I draw them in a lot.

Kabayashi: We do, we do! (laughs) Soejima-san also tends do draw large hands.

Are there other areas where yours and Soejima-san’s art differ?

Shimada: …The signature?

Of course. (laughs) There are pieces which have Soejima-san’s signature, and the remainder don’t.

Soejima: I personally sign the art I make, so that’s one more thing that distinguishes it.

Oribe: You didn’t sign them, but you’re the one who drew the characters for the P5 credits, and the DLC wallpapers, right, Soejima-san? I like the one with the twin wardens.

Soejima: That so? I’m glad. (laughs)