P-Studio Art Unit Interview About the Persona Series Character Design Process at Atlus


Things to Keep in Mind, as the P-Studio Art Unit

Are there things that you keep in mind, as members of the Art Unit? …And, why are you grinning, Soejima-san? (laughs)

Soejima: I’ve never thought of such a thing until now, so I wonder how the three of them will answer. (laughs)

So that’s why. (laughs) Do you have anything like that, Oribe-san? Being the leader?

Oribe: Hmm…I don’t think I have any, as a member of the Art Unit. But when [Kabayshi and Shimada] come to consult with me, I take care to not force my opinions on them. I apologize if that ever happened! I make sure to never say, “I think it’s better if you do this” or “Can you fix this part up?”, so the game can proceed naturally. When I worry that I’m being too subjective, I go to Soejima-san. And when I’ve sorted my thoughts out, I go back and talk to [Kabayashi and Shimada]… right?

Kabayashi: That’s true, but whenever I talk to Oribe-san, I feel like I have to bring out the heavy artillery to challenge her views. (laughs)

Shimada: Artillery that would put weapons dealers to shame. (laughs)

Oribe: Really?! But we have these discussions to expand our views! I’ve even been thinking about making Kabayashi-san leader in my place. What do you think? What would you keep in mind, if you were leader?

Kabayashi: Specifically as a person in the Art Unit? I have no idea. (laughs)

Shimada: Everyone’s doing what they love.

Soejima: We haven’t really decided on what we should do as members of the Art Unit. If anything, I think we’re really competitive with one another.  We all strive to do good work, even when we don’t have a shared goal. We divide a variety of tasks up and work on them thoroughly. We don’t focus on one specific field, but work evenly across illustrations, character design, full-view art, 2D elements, so we don’t divide the work by specialty.

So by honing yourselves individually, and expanding your specialties, the Art Unit grows as a whole?

Soejima: Exactly. The more we contend with one another, the more the game’s quality increases, our schedules become easier to bear, and we grow capable of meeting what demands are made of us.