Persona 25th Anniversary Festival Rerun Announced from March 11 to May 7, 2023


Last year from May 28 to July 10, 2022, the large exhibition known as the “Persona 25th Festival” took place in Tokorozawa Sakura Town to celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary. Due to its popularity last year, the event will be held once more in Osaka from March 11th to May 7th, 2023.

As last year’s event, the venue will reproduce the world of Persona. With 1/1 statues of Thanatos, Izanagi and Arsene, there will also be development materials displayed in the area for each of the mainline games beginning with Revelations: Persona.

Persona Statues

Development Materials

There will also be a photo spot unique to the Osaka venue and sales of original merchandise released for the first time.

The products sold at the original “Persona 25th Fes” from Tokorozawa Sakura Town will also be resold.

Newly Added Design for Osaka Venue

Event Overview

  • Event Name: Persona 25th Festival
  • Dates: March 11, 2023 to May 7, 2023
  • Venue: Osaka Nanko ATC Gallery
  • Official Website
  • Organizer: Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, Mash, ATC
  • Planning: “Persona 25th Festival” Executive Committee

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