Persona 3 Reload Aigis, Koromaru, Ken, Shinjiro Profiles, Velvet Room and Online Details, Screenshots


Atlus has released new information on Persona 3 ReloadThis includes details on the remaining members of SEES, Aigis, Koromaru, Ken Amada and Shinjiro Aragaki with the reveal of their new battle uniform artwork. Additionally, there are new details on the in-game shops, the Velvet Room, and online functionality.


Aigis (JPN VA: Maaya Sakamoto / ENG VA: Dawn M. Bennett)

  • Weapon: Firearms
  • Initial Persona: Palladion
  • Specialization: Piercing, Support
  • Theurgy: Orgia Mode Activation

Aigis attacks enemies using her built-in firearms. Her initial Persona is named “Palladion.”

Upon activating Theurgy, she deals heavy piercing damage on all enemies, regardless of resistances, and shifts into the automatic control mode called “Orgia Mode.” In “Orgia Mode,” she acts independently for a while, executing actions without specific instructions, while experiencing a significant boost in both attack and defense capabilities.

Koromaru (JPN VA: Shinya Takahashi)

  • Weapon: Dagger
  • Initial Persona: Cerberus
  • Specialization: Dark
  • Theurgy: Black Hound

Clutching a dagger in his mouth, Koromaru darts about freely, launching attacks. His initial Persona is named “Cerberus.”

Specializing in dark attribute skills, his Theurgy “Black Hound” delivers heavy dark damage to a single enemy, ignoring the target’s resistances.

Ken Amada (JPN VA: Megumi Ogata / ENG VA: Justine Lee)

  • Weapon: Long Spear
  • Initial Persona: Nemesis
  • Specialization: Light
  • Theurgy: Divine Punishment

Employing a long spear, Ken Amada compensates for his small stature by fighting with extended reach. His initial Persona is named “Nemesis.”

Proficient in light attribute skills, his Theurgy “Divine Punishment” inflicts heavy amount of light damage to a single enemy, regardless of resistances.

Shinjiro Argaki (JPN VA: Kazuya Nakai / ENG VA: Justice Slocum)

  • Weapon: Blunt Weapons
  • Initial Persona: Castor
  • Specialization: Physical Skills
  • Theurgy: Bloody Strike

Using large, blunt weapons such as axes and hammers, Shinjiro Aragaki executes powerful attacks. His initial Persona is named “Castor.”

Proficient in various physical skills, his Theurgy “Bloody Strike” inflicts a heavy of striking damage to a single enemy, regardless of resistances.

Velvet Room

A special space called the “Velvet Room” that only the protagonist can visit. Here, the protagonist can fuse personas to create new ones through “Persona Fusion” and register Personas into the “Persona Compendium.”

In the Velvet Room, which exists in the realm between dreams and reality, between mind and matter, the residents Igor and Elizabeth collaborate to strengthen the protagonist’s Persona abilities. Persona fusion becomes an indispensable element in enhancing the power to fight during the Dark Hour.

Velvet Room Master Igor (JPN VA: Ben Shimada)

A distinctive elderly man with slender, elongated limbs and a long nose. The master of the Velvet Room, he is the only one in this world capable of performing Persona fusion. Inviting the protagonist, who has awakened to Persona abilities, as a guest, he provides assistance in nurturing and developing his Persona powers.

Velvet Room Resident Elizabeth (JPN VA: Miyuki Sawashiro / ENG VA: Tara Platt)

A resident of the Velvet Room, Elizabeth serves as the elevator attendant. She plays a role in managing and recording the Personas summoned by the protagonist. As she rarely ventures into the outside world, she expresses curiosity about matters in the protagonist’s world and often makes various requests.

Persona Fusion

“Persona Fusion” allows the protagonist to combine their existing Personas to create new ones. There are several types of fusion, including “Dual Fusion,” where two Personas are merged, “Special Fusion,” which involves merging three or more Personas, and “Search Fusion,” which allows searching for fusion options from the currently held Personas.

Persona Compendium

Personas obtained through battle or fusion can be registered in the “Persona Compendium.” Personas stored in the Compendium can be retrieved and added to the current lineup by paying a fee.

Persona Conception

When performing Persona fusion, some Personas may be born in a “Conception” state. By growing the Persona in the Conception state up to a certain level, you might obtain specific items.

Requests from Elizabeth

The protagonist can receive requests from Elizabeth, who has taken an interest in the world he lives in.

The requests vary, ranging from “fuse specific Personas” to “deliver an item” and even unique ones like “accompany her somewhere.” Successfully completing these requests earns rewards, so it’s worthwhile to actively take on these challenges.


In Minato Ward, where the story takes place, there are various commercial facilities such as “Paulownia Mall,” “Iwatodai Station,” and “Tatsumi Port Island Station.”

Each facility allows you to purchase items and engage in part-time jobs or self-improvement activities.

The popular commercial facility “Paulownia Mall” and the bustling “Iwatodai Station,” known for their eateries, attract a diverse crowd, particularly among the youth.

Utilizing these facilities and increasing your social stats can lead to new encounters and connections with people.

Tatsumi Police Station

At the police station located in Paulownia Mall, the protagonist and his companions can buy and sell weapons and armor.

The officer in charge, Officer Kurosawa, is aware of the Dark Hour and S.E.E.S. activities. He provides weapons and armor to the protagonist and his team.

Bluebeard Pharmacy

A pharmacy located in Paulownia Mall. Here, you can purchase recovery items for use inside Tartarus. It’s an essential place for preparing for explorations in Tartarus.

Shinshoudo Antiques

In the antique shop at Pawlonia Mall, a former researcher from the Kirijo Group serves as the shopkeeper.

Here, you can create special weapons using items obtained from Tartarus or Conception Personas. Additionally, you can trade to receive rare items.

Be Blue V

A healing shop in Pawlonia Mall. Here, you can help your allies remember skills they may have forgotten in the past.

It’s a useful place to visit when you want to reevaluate your team’s strategies or make adjustments to their abilities.

How everyone spends their time

By enabling the network feature, you can check the actions and choices made by other players during after-school or nighttime free periods and classes. Utilize this feature during free time when you’re unsure about what to do, and use it as a hint for your own actions.

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Persona 3 Reload is releasing February 2nd, 2024 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam, Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. It will also be available on Game Pass.

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