Persona 3 Reload Behind the Scenes Episode 1 Featuring English Voice Actors Released, English Screenshots


Atlus West has released the first episode in a new video series for Persona 3 Reload titled “Reloaded.” Episode one features the English voice cast for the main characters: Aleks Le (Protagonist), Zeno Robinson (Junpei), Heather Gonzalez (Yukari) and Michelle Ruff (Yukari from the original Persona 3).

New English screenshots have also been released, with their Japanese versions featured in a previous article with gameplay details and character profiles.

Additionally, the English voice actors for some of the Social Link characters have been announced:

  • Kenji Tomochika (VA: Joe Zieja)
  • Nozomi Suemitsu (VA: Paul Castro Jr.)
  • Kazushi Miyamoto (VA: Mark Whitten)
  • Yuko Nishiwaki (VA: Shelby Young)
  • Hidetoshi Odagiri (VA: Austin Lee Matthews)
  • Chihiro Fushimi (VA: Kelly Baskin)
  • Keisuke Hiraga (VA: Griffin Burns)
  • Bebe (VA: Jeff Berg)

Reloaded: The Voices of Persona 3


Persona 3 Reload is releasing February 2nd, 2024 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam, Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. It will also be available on Game Pass.