Persona 3 Reload Fountain Pen and Ink Set Announced


Atlus has announced that a Persona 3 Reload themed fountain pen and ink set will be released by Sun-Star Stationery, Bandai Namco’s stationery brand. A desk mat which was previously released in January, 2024 will also be resold.

The fountain pen and ink are made in collaboration with Platinum Pen. Pre-orders for the products are open now and are scheduled to ship in November, 2024.

Fountain Pen and Ink Set

The fountain pen is blue in line with Persona 3 Reload’s style. The cap features the Gekkoukan High School emblem and the ink bottle also features the game’s key art. The included ink is aurora blue, also reminiscent of the game.

A blue-black ink cartridge is also included. The ink converter includes a mechanism to prevent ink from hardening for about a year. The pen has a fine tip.

Product Details

  •  Price: 8,800 yen
  • Delivery Window: Late November, 2024
  • Specifications: 
    • Fountain Pen: Aluminium, Stainless Steel
    • Ink Bottle: Water-based dye ink, alkaline, 20ml, Aurora Blue
    • Ink Cartridge: Water-based dye ink, acidic, 1.2ml, Blue Black
  • Set Contents: 
    • Fountain Pen x1
    • Ink Bottle x1
    • Ink Cartridge x1
    • Converter x1
  • Size:
    • Fountain Pen: φ15mm x H142.5mm
    • Ink Bottle: W44mm x H62mm x D33mm
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Desk Mat

Two Persona 3 Reload themed desk mats will be resold due to popular demand. The two designs feature the game’s key visual and the package illustration. The mats are 600 x 300mm and are made of a soft polyester fabric with anti slip rubber on the reverse.

Product Details