Persona 3 Reload Official Complete Guide to Release March 26, 2024 in Japan


An Amazon listing has gone up for the Persona 3 Reload Official Complete Guide, with a release date of March 26, 2024 in Japan.

Completely conquer all elements! A complete strategy guide for Persona 3 Reload!

The guide book will contain a complete walkthrough with essential information both for players new to the Persona series, as well as advanced players who want to master the intense gameplay. Including detailed system explanations and information how to conquer all the floors defeat all the bosses in Tartarus. The book will also include data on all enemies and Personas featured in the game, and strategic information on social links, and schedules to help you avoid missing important events.

By playing whilst referencing the guide’s schedule, you will be able to reach the ending whilst conquering all parts of the game, including maxing all social links and all social parameters, learning and strengthening all party member characteristics, and viewing all link episodes. Simplified social link information is printed on the back of the cover sleeve, so you can remove it in order to play whilst referencing it and the strategy pages at the same time.

Contents are subject to change.


Product Details

  • Publisher: Kadokawa
  • Release Date: March 26, 2024
  • Price: 2 750 yen
  • Language: Japanese
  • Page Count: 448 pages
  • Product Page 

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