Persona 3 Reload Preview Footage, Screenshots, Developer Interviews Compilation


Previews for Persona 3 Reload have gone up prior to the game’s release on February 2, 2024. The preview articles from various outlets include new footage of the game, screenshots and excerpts from interviews with the developers.

14 Minutes of Gameplay

Denfaminicogamer has published 14 minutes of Japanese, uncommented gameplay.


Video Previews

Commented video previews from several outlets featuring new English game footage.


Noisy Pixel

Video Interview

A video interview with producer Ryota Niitsumia and director Takuya Yamaguchi.

The Gamer

Interview Excerpts

Several outlets conducted interviews with Niitsuma and Yamaguchi. Below are some excerpts. Visit the websites for the full interviews.

On the direction the remake should take, via Game Informer:

There were people that said we should just make a one-to-one remake and there were some people who said we should make big changes and kind of redo everything,” Yamaguchi says. “After a lot of discussion, we decided to mainly go with a one-to-one approach to recreate the original game. However, that’s for the major core of what makes the game it, and for small kinds of changes and powering the game up for a modern audience, that’s what we decided to focus our efforts on for the remake.

On adjusting the character models for the remake, via NME:

When we were working on the new town and everything, one of the key changes was changing the size of the characters to be more realistic, says Yamaguchi. “Because they’re now a little bit taller, we changed the scale of the town to fit that. One thing that we were really careful doing was not [going] ‘Oh they’re taller now, it’s realistic, photo-realism done!’ We wanted to keep the feel of Persona 3 – we had to make sure when you’re walking around it felt like the game, so we made sure to balance that and look very carefully when we were working on the environment.

On deciding between using 2D or 3D animation for a cutscene, via Screen Rant:

Ryota Niitsuma: There’s basically two types of cut scenes throughout the game: there’s 3D cutscenes and there’s animated cutscenes. The way that they decided to split those up is really looking at the characteristics of each scene itself and saying, “If this scene would feel the best as a 3D where we could express what we want to through that; this one, if we made an animated cutscene for that, it would help express that scene’s true coolness.

On the decision to remake Persona 3, via Xbox Wire:

We’ve done a lot of surveys with users and fans, and whenever we did a survey on what people wanted to see as a remake for the Persona series, the number one answer was always Persona 3,” P3R Producer Ryota Niitsuma told me. “After Persona 5 Royal came out, the Persona team was ready for another project and we were trying to think about what to do. We were saying, ‘Hey, a remake could be pretty good. Everybody wants to see Persona 3, so this is the right time.’ The stars have aligned.


Via Realsound, Gamer and 4Gamer. Visit the websites for more.

Persona 3 Reload is releasing February 2nd, 2024 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam, Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. It will also be available on Game Pass.