‘The Best Phantom Thieves’ Persona 5 Royal Popularity Poll Video Released


Earlier this month, Sega asked Twitter users “Who’s your favorite Phantom Thief of Hearts?” Today, based on comments from that tweet, Sega has released a video showing the results of that question from fans, with the top five voted Phantom Thieves in Persona 5 Royal.


  1. Makoto Niijima (Queen)
  2. Futaba Sakura (Oracle)
  3. Ryuji Sakamoto (Skull)
  4. Goro Akechi (Crow)
  5. Protagonist (Joker)

The previous character popularity poll for Persona 5 from the Western audience was from Persona 5: Mementos Reports Vol. 2 released in September 2019, with 1,897 overseas respondents. The top 5 was the following:

  1. Makoto Niijima (458 pt)
  2. Protagonist (381 pt)
  3. Futaba Sakura (242 pt)
  4. Yusuke Kitagawa (195 pt)
  5. Goro Akechi (192 pt)

Persona 5 Royal will be released worldwide for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PC and Steam on October 21, 2022.