Persona 5 Royal x Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile Collaboration Announced for November 4, 2022


Square Enix have announced a collaboration between Persona 5 Royal and the smartphone game Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile.

The collaboration will take place between November 4, 2022 and December 8, 2022. The event will add three units, and an event mission with a new dungeon based on Mementos



Morgana is an SR unit and will be available as a commemorative login bonus. Joker and Queen are SSR units which will be available as gacha draws.


A collaboration dungeon will be added where players will be able to explore the dungeon “Pseudo Mementos” in the Morgana car.

The official page for the collaboration can be found here.

More footage of the collaboration was shown during a Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile live broadcast: