Persona 5 Royal MegaHouse Joker Figure Colored Pictures Shown, Set for August 2022 Release


In September 2021, figure producer MegaHouse had announced they would be releasing two upcoming Persona 5 Royal figures under the Lucrea lineup: Joker and Crow Loki ver. (Goro Akechi).

Following pictures of these two figures having been released in November 2021, and the prototype for the Joker figure recently being shown, pictures of the colored figure have been released.

The mask can be placed and removed with replacement parts, as well as replacement parts with Joker’s arm using a knife or a gun.

The item will be sold on the Premium Bandai, Atlas D Shop, and AmiAmi online storefronts.

Lucrea Joker Persona 5 Royal

Product Details

  • Specs: 
    • ABS & PVC
    • Painted
  • Height: Approximately 235 mm
  • Prototyping: Inui
  • Coloring: Ekoshi
  • Publisher: MegaHouse
  • Price: 18,700 yen
  • Release Date: August 2022

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