Persona 5 Royal Remastered Debuts with 51k Physical Copies Sold in Japan [Update]


Update (2022-11-04): Persona 5 Royal sold an additional 12,040 physical copies for the Nintendo Switch, ranking in 9th for the period between October 24, 2022 and October 30, 2022. This makes for a total of 58,038 copies sold on the Nintendo Switch, and approximately 63k physical copies sold in Japan.


The remastered version of Persona 5 Royal was released for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PC and Steam in Japan last week on October 21st, and sales tracker Famitsu reports that 51,049 total physical copies were sold during its first week in stores.

The Famitsu estimated sales data for this version of Persona 5 Royal in Japan are of sales ranging from October 17 to October 23, 2022. The number of copies sold does not include digital downloads of the game.

Persona 5 Royal sold 45,998 physical copies during its first week on the Nintendo Switch, earning that SKU second place in this week’s overall sales rankings, behind Splatoon 3. The PlayStation 5 version of the game sold 5,051 copies during this time period.

With Persona 5 Royal launching on Game Pass as well as the increasing prevalence of digital downloads, the number of copies sold does not paint the entire picture, but it can still be used as concrete data regarding the number of physical copies sold in the region. Relatedly, Persona 5 Royal is, as of this writing, the second most played game on Xbox Game Pass.

Steam Sales

According to SteamDB, the all-time peak for Persona 5 Royal on Steam during its first week was 35, 474. This surpasses Persona 4 Golden‘s Steam release peak of 29,984.

UK Sales

According to European sales tracker GfK, via Nintendo LifePersona 5 Royal ranked 6th in terms of physical sales during its first week in the United Kingdom, with the Nintendo Switch representing 79% of the sales, PlayStation 5 with 17%, and the Xbox Series X|S with 4%.

Persona Opening Sales Comparison

A comparison of the Japanese opening physical sales (and lifetime sales) of previous Persona remakes. All numbers are taken from the Famitsu sales tracker, via Game Data Library.

  1. [PSV] Persona 4 Golden {2012.06.14} – 152,499 / 324,357
  2. [PSP] Persona 3 Portable {2009.11.01} – 108,343 / 305,804
  3. [PS4] Persona 5 Royal {2019.10.31} – 201,448 / 244,050
  4. [PS2] Persona 3 FES {2007.04.19} – 105,099 / 165,471
  5. [PSP] Persona {2009.04.29} – 95,406 / 156,205
  6. [PSP] Persona 2: innocent Sin {2011.04.14} – 62,091 / 112,412
  7. [NSW] Persona 5 Royal {2022.10.21} – 45,998 / NEW
  8. [PSP] Persona 2: Eternal Punishment {2012.05.17} – 28,212 / 57,905
  9. [PS5] Persona 5 Royal {2022.10.21} – 5,051 / NEW

In November 2019, Persona 5 Royal debuted with 201k physical copies sold in Japan. In December, 2019, Atlus announced that the game had shipped 400,000 copies in Japan during its first month. In July 2020, Atlus celebrated 1.4 million copies of Persona 5 Royal, including digital versions, sold worldwide. In Sega’s fiscal year ending March 31, 2020 presentation, the company stated that Persona 5 Royal had achieved record sales in the U.S. and Europe.

Persona 5 Royal was released worldwide for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PC and Steam on October 21, 2022.

— Famitsu