Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag x Persona 5 Royal Collaboration Details


Full details for the Sword Art Online: Memory DefragPersona 5 Royal collaboration have been released through an in-game notification. The collaboration will begin starting on February 17, 2020 at 6:00 PM UTC.

Persona 5R Collab Special! 6 Star Character Guaranteed Step-Up Scout!

  • Period: Monday February 17, 2020 – Tuesday March 10, 2020

P5R’s Joker, Panther and Skull have joined the fight in Memory Defrag!.

6 Star character in the “Possessors of Spirits of Rebellion” Scout are Persona 5R characters only!

Also at least one of the 6 star characters is guaranteed on Step 5.

Do Step 5 on 11x Step-up Scout and get a Persona 5R character for your party.

*Scout returns to Step 1 after Step 5

Once Per Day Free Scout Begins!

To celebrate the Persona 5R collab, we’re having a Once Per Day Free Scout!

6 Star Joker, Panter and Skull will appear in this scout!

This is your chance to get a Persona 5R character!

Period: Monday February 17 2020 – Saturday February 29, 2020

*The Free Scout will be limited once a day.

*This scout will change every day at 6:00 (UTC).

New item for selectable weapons available!

Period: Monday February 17, 2020 – Tuesday March 3, 2020

In celebration of the Persona 5R collab, a special “P5R Collab Weapon Pack” will be available for purchase!.

In the “P5R Collab Weapon Pack”, you’ll get “P5R Collab Weapon Record Crystals” to be used that you can use to choose a Persona 5R 4 star weapon in the Weapon Purchase! This is your big chance to get a 4 star weapon!

“P5R Collab Weapon Pack” is limited three times per player! Don’t miss out on this special chance!

*”P5R Collab Weapon Record Crystal” in the “P5R Collab Weapon Pack” will only be available until Tuesday March 10, 2020 5:59 (UTC).

P5R Collab Special Log-in Bonus

Period: Monday February 17, 2020 – Tuesday March 3, 2020

During this period, login and [Kasumi] will join your party!

You can get tons of Crystals of Hacking, Rainbow Essence, and other awesome items!

[Blessed Appearance] [Kasumi]

Comeback Campaign Summary

Period: Monday February 17, 2020 – Tuesday March 3, 2020

Campaign SUmmary: Previous players who’ve been away from Memory Defrag can get back in the action during the limited time “Comeback Log-in Bonus”!

Get tons of Memory Diamonds and Materials needed for enhancing characters!

Login on the fifth day and get… Memory Diamond x 100!

Who can participate:

For players who haven’t logged in more than 30 days.

*Number of days count from 00:00. If 00:00 passes after logging-in, 1 day will be counted. When you login for more than 30 days, a Log-in Bonus will appear on screen.

*Log-in Bonus can only be received once per account.

All Daily Quests unlocked & Double Drops! Double Experience in EXP Quests! Level Up CP!

Period: Monday February 17, 2020 – Tuesday March 3, 2020

Campaign Summary:

During the campaign, Daily Quest are all unlocked and Rops are doubled!

Plus, Experience is doubled in EXP Quests!

Take this chance to get tones of materials and level up your characters

*Quest “Coin of Radius” is exempted from this campaign.

Other campaigns might also appear!

There are plans for many other campaigns!

There will be more info announced soon, so keep an eye out!