New Supergroupies x Persona 5 Royal Merchandise Announced


Video game and anime themed fashion brand Supergroupies has announced a new set of Persona 5 Royal themed merchandise, including a coat, backpack and necklace.

SuperGroupies will steal your heart with our new collection for Persona 5 Royal!

The 3-item lineup consists of our interpretation of Joker’s coat, a stylish backpack concealing the power of Arsene, and a sophisticated necklace
inspired by Joker and the aesthetic world of Persona 5 Royal.

Don the mask and join the Phantom Thieves of Hearts with these fashionable items, exclusively made to order!

Joker Model Coat

This versatile coat is our interpretation of Joker’s iconic tailcoat, stylized for daily use.

  • Comes with a removable gray inner layer inspired by Joker’s waistcoat. Handy zippers allow you to remove or attach it with ease to adapt your style to your mood, setting, and Palaces

  • Coat is equipped with snap buttons while the inner layer has double zippers for fast opening and closing, even quicker than ripping off your mask!

  • Pointy lapel collar mimics Joker’s for a sharp finish

  • Side vents on the back are subtly reminiscent of the tails from his coat, floating behind him when running through the night

  • Woven tag inside is modeled after an instantly recognizable Calling Card, featuring the Phantom Thieves of Heart logo and the inscription “Take Your Heart”

  • Pockets on both sides to store all your Treasures

  • Lightweight fabric used for comfort, suitable for hanging out in Tokyo with your friends on cooler days

  • Join the Phantom Thieves with this unique coat! Anyone who sees you wearing it is sure to think “Whoooaaa! Looking cool, Joker!”

Product Details

  • Materials: Outer Shell, Fabric: 55% Nylon, 45% Polyester, Lining: 100% Polyester
  • Price: $260.00
  • Delivery Date: Mid-March, 2024
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Joker Model Backpack

This stylish backpack is inspired by Joker, Arsene, and the aesthetic world of Persona 5 Royal.

  • Black base with golden metal parts & vivid red accents is reminiscent of Joker’s appearance and the overall game design

  • Flap is adorned with Joker’s mask in golden metal: opening the bag will make you feel like your Persona is awakening!

  • Front pocket zipper pull comes with a star charm and a golden chain, both removable. In black and red, the star is a bold reference to Joker, also known as the Trickster, while the chain is modeled after the ones from the Velvet Room

  • Drawstring opening provides practicality. Main compartment can fit up to A4-sized items for high storage capacity; also comes with multiple compartments and internal pockets for organization

  • Original woven tag on the inside pocket features Arsene with chains, sparkles, flames, and a broken heart as motifs unique to Persona 5 Royal

  • Inside lining is in deep red as one of the representative colors of the game, contrasting vividly with the understated outside

  • Add a bit of spice with this fashionable and practical backpack on your shoulders to feel Arsene just behind you; this power of his is yours!

Product Details

  • Materials: Body: Nylon, synthetic leather, polyester, Lining: Polyester, Hardware: Iron, zinc alloy
  • Size: Height: 15.35in, Width: 11.81in, Depth: 6.3in, Strap Length: 37.4in, Weight: 900g
  • Price: $200.00
  • Delivery Date: Late April, 2024
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Joker Model Necklace

This elegant necklace has a faithful replica pendant of the recurrent dagger seen in the game.

  • Beautiful golden color that pops just like the in-game design

  • Pendant is fully textured and modeled after the dagger used as a UI motif

  • At the end of the extended chain is Joker’s iconic mask: take your necklace off to feel like your Persona is awakening!

  • Want emancipation? Take your heart with this sophisticated necklace! May make a nice gift

Product Details

  • Size:  Length: 17.72in, Pendant Height: 22mm, Pendant Width: 10mm, Adjuster 2 in
  • Material: Silver
  • Price: $130.00
  • Delivery Date: Mid March 2024
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