Persona 5 Tactica GraffArt Merchandise Announced


Event and merchandise company A3 have announced new Persona 5 Tactica merchandise, featuring new illustrations in their graffiti inspired GraffArt style.

Pre-orders will open from February 29, 2024. Products will also be sold from the Eeo main store in Ikebukuro from March 30, 2024.

GraffArt Character Illustrations


Can Badge (12 Types, Blind Purchase)

Acrylic Stand (12 Types, Blind Purchase)

Acrylic Smartphone Stand


Accessory Case

Tote Bag

Acrylic Art Board

Acrylic Diorama Set

Purchase Bonus

Each purchase above 2,200 yen will also include a postcard featuring the GraffArt as a bonus.

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