Persona 5 Tactica Japanese Preview Details, Video Previews


A demo event for Persona 5 Tactica took place in Japan on September 2 and September 3, 2023. Several Japanese game websites have written up summaries of the demo which was available to attendees. Video previews featuring footage from the game have also been released.

The demo covered the first two hours from the start of the game. Early game story summaries can be read in a previous article. Footage of two early game stages was also previously showcased by Sega Asia.

Notable Details

  • The game starts after the main story of Persona 5. There will be an in game dictionary to explain keywords from the original game so that new players can start with Tactica.
  • There are some spoilers from Persona 5, and parts that depend on familiarity with the original game, however the 4Gamer preview notes that it isn’t too spoiler heavy for new players.
  • There is no hit rate, if you are in a line of fire, the attack will always hit.
  • There is an undo option, allowing one move to be undone.
  • The Phantom Thieves level is shared, they do not level as individual units.

  • The Persona system is similar to the Persona Q series. All allied units with the exception of Erina can be equipped with one Sub-Persona, and are able to use skills which have been learned by the equipped Persona. Each Sub-Persona has two skill slots, one is unique to the Persona and the other can be inherited through fusion.
  • Dengeki played a battle against brainwashed Panther and Futaba. They noted that they found this quite challenging.
  • There are various stage gimmicks such as exploding bomb barrels and HP recovery tiles.
  • Some stages featured enemy reinforcements.
  • Lavenza will sell guns.

Ailment Effects

  • Despair:  Reduces the mobility of a unit and increases the skill user’s mobility.
  • Gale: Blows away the unit in the direction of the attack, can also pass over low cover.
  • Paralysis: Unable to move for one turn.
  • Burn: Slightly blows the unit away in the direction of the attack. Deals damage at the end of the turn, for 1 turn.
  • Frozen: Unable to move for one turn, however this will be cancelled on taking damage.
  • Nuclear Heat: Attracts surrounding enemies.
  • Telekinesis: Forces the target unit to move towards the skill user, moving around cover.
  • Forgetfulness: Cannot attack for one turn.
  • Sleep: Cannot move or attack for two turns however HP and SP are recovered at the start of each turn. Cancelled on damage.
  • Dizzy: The next turn’s movement will be random. Attacks are still possible.

Famitsu Video Preview

Dengeki Online Video Preview

4Gamer Video Preview


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