Persona 5 Tactica Nyahoo News Volume 2 Released, Detailing New Characters and Mechanics


Atlus has released the second volume of their Nyahoo News series for Persona 5 Tactica, detailing various elements of the game, including story, characters and mechanics.


The Phantom Thieves of Heart was sent to a mysterious other world and attacked by a group called the Legionnaires. As he tries to resist, Marie, the Kingdom’s ruler and leader of the legionaries appears and brainwashes everyone except Joker and Morgana.

After being rescued by the leader of the Rebel Corps, Erina, thy learn that the world they have arrived in is called a Kingdom.

With Erina’s help, they have managed to escape Marie’s pursuit, but for some reason the Rebel Corp’s hideout looks just like Leblanc?

What is this new other world that is a “Kingdom” and not a “Palace?”

Why is Leblanc in such a strange place?

Save the brainwashed Phantom Thieves and solve the mysteries of the Kingdom.

The Purpose is a Wedding?

Marie’s Kingdom is ruled by the tyrant Marie and her armed group of Legionnaires. Marie is holding onto power and abusing her people for the purpose of holding a grand wedding?

Joker and Morgana have made a deal to cooperate with the Rebel Corps. First they go to rescue the other members of the Phantom Thieves, however the person they find in prison is a man named Toshiro Kasukabe.

Toshiro seems to be a politician from the real world, however he claims he has no memories of why he was trapped in this other world. Despite their suspicious, Joker and friends decide to take care of him for now. They then receive the breaking news that Marie has found a marriage partner?


Ryuji Sakamoto

A boy who was once driven to anger by his PE teacher’s abuse and labelled as a problem child.

He wandered into another world with the protagonist and awoke to his Persona ability.

He became friends with the protagonist, who had his own circumstances, and formed the Phantom Thieves of Heart to fight against adults with twisted desires.

He is quick to pick fights, but is kind and has a sense of justice and courage that allows him to face any opponent head on, for the sake of his friends or the oppressed.

His persona is Captain Kidd.

Ann Takamaki

A quarter American girl with outstanding looks.

She was once isolated due to her appearance, and put herself in harms way to protect her best friend, the only one who understood her. She decides to join with the protagonist and rebel against rotten adults.

She awakens to a Persona ability and becomes one of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts.

She is kind and can’t abandon weak people, and a strong will that won’t shy away from evil.

She is good at English, but aside from that her grades are on par with Ryuji’s.

Her persona is Carmen.

Toshiro Kasukabe

A young Diet member, thought to be in line to be the next Prime Minister. He was saved by the Phantom Thieves when trapped in another world, leading to them working together. He has a serious and logical personality, and has a good sense of strategy.

He is the commanding type who is good at taking a top down look at a situation, however is afraid of fighting and getting hurt.

Combat System


During battles in this title, it is important to take advantage of cover, by hiding behind walls like a Phantom Thief.

If you end a turn whilst covering, you will be in a guard state, which will reduce damage from the enemy, or completely negate it.

If you take damage from an enemy whilst not guarding, the enemy will activate 1 More and attack again, so always be aware of your actions when near a wall.

Hit Hidden Enemies with 1 More with Cooperation

Enemies will also use cover. Use Melee attacks on enemies hiding behind walls. It is possible to end their guard state by pushing them away from the wall.

If you then attack that enemy with another ally you can activate 1 More, so if an enemy is guarding, knock them out of cover to create a 1 More opportunity.

Give Status Elements with Personas

This work is different from the conventional weakness exploitation system that is usually found in this series.

It has been changed to a system where each attribute will give a different negative status element.

Agi will cause an enemy to take damage at the end of a turn, and Zio will cause the enemy to be unable to move for 1 turn.

Additionally, dealing damage to enemies in cover with skills can cancel their guard state.

Use skills to your advantage by giving negative status ailments or cancelling their guard state to create an opportunity for the next 1 More.

Turn the Tide with Unique Skills

During battles, the star shaped Voltage gauge at the lower right of the screen will increase by damaging or taking damage from enemies.

When it builds to the maximum, the character’s unique skill can be activated.

They have varying effects, from dealing high damage to providing supporting effects.

Don’t give up when disadvantaged, and aim for a comeback with a unique skill!

Develop Party Members with the Skill Tree

All party members can be developed with the skill tree

GP (Growth Points) used for training can be obtained through winning battles, raising the Phantom Thieves levels or by watching Talk events, where you can enjoy conversations with the cast.

Acquired skills can be reset at any time, and GP used will be funded, so you can try out various skill formations when creating your own party.

At the hideout, you can listen to conversations with your friends through Talk

In the hideout, you can listen to conversations with your friends through Talk.

Not only can you see conversations that develop the story further, but you can also enjoy chats between never seen before combinations.

Enjoy the stories and conversations between characters with Talk, where you can see a glimpse of unexpected sides of the Phantom Thieves and Erina.

If you watch Talks, you can also gain GP which can be used in the skill tree, so you can have fun whilst also developing your characters.

Volume 1 of Nyahoo News was released alongside the announcement of the game.

Persona 5 Tactica will be released worldwide for Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and Steam on November 17, 2023.

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