Persona 5: The Phantom X Character Art, Image Gallery, New Music, Title Screen


Persona 5: The Phantom X, the mobile game based on Persona 5 developed by Perfect World Games and assisted by Atlus, will have its first closed beta test on March 29th.

With the P5X application available to install today, several assets and information from the game have been datamined and uncovered. Below is a compilation of several notable assets discovered so far.

Title Screen

The title screen for P5X, featuring silhouettes of the new Phantom Thieves and the song “Phantom” from the original Persona 5.

Opening Cinematic

What appears to be P5X’s opening cinematic, featuring the new Phantom Thieves and the original members. It’s possible that this is also a cinematic to highlight both groups meeting and is not necessarily the game’s opening animation. The audio for it is not included in the datamine.


Five new songs have been uploaded. Three of them, called “Shadow Loop,” “Last Strike,” and “Wake Up Your Hero,” feature vocals from the original Persona 5 vocalist Lyn, as confirmed in a previous interview. Two other songs, called “Lust” and “Elite Battle,” have seemingly not been uploaded to YouTube as of this writing, and do not feature vocals.

New Phantom Thieves Art

Artwork for the main characters in the new Phantom Thieves group.

Protagonist (Code Name: Wonder)

This game’s main character. A boy in his second year of high school at Kokatsu Academy. Following an unexpected event, his persona was awakened. His initial persona is Jánošík.

Motoha Arai (Code Name: Closer)

A second year high school girl who attends Kokatsu Academy. The protagonist’s classmate who’s good at sports. Straightforward with a cheerful personality, she’s also considerate of others. Widely popular with male and female students at school. She acts intuitively more than logically, and her academic performance is average. Following a certain event, she awakens to her persona. Her initial Persona is Awilda.

Luffy (Code Name: Cattle)

A mysterious creature that appears before the protagonist in the form of an owl. It can speak human language and transform into a delivery van. Possesses a wealth of knowledge of other worlds, and is calm and reliable in all situations. A very reliable partner. The initial persona is Rob Roy.

Seiji Shiratori (Code Name: Seiji)

One of the main party members, Seiji is labelled as a “TA” and his “Persona II” is Leucothea.

Kotone Montagne (Code Name: Mont)

One of the main party members, Kotone is labelled as a “TA” and her “Persona II” is Terpsichore.

Yukimi Fujikawa (Code Name: Yuki)

One of the main party members, Yukimi is labelled as a “TA” and her “Persona II” is Styx.


An unknown character who seems that she will be one of the playable new Phantom Thieves.


Another unknown character who seems to be one of the playable new Phantom Thieves.

Original Phantom Thieves Art

New art featuring the original Persona 5 Phantom Thieves. Some of these are recolors of the characters, seemingly designating rarer versions of them through drops.

Main Character (Code Name: Joker)

Ryuji Sakamoto (Code Name: Skull)

Ann Takamki (Code Name: Panther)

Morgana (Code Name: Mona)

Yusuke Kitagawa (Code Name: Fox)

Makoto Niijima (Code Name: Queen)

Futaba Sakura (Code Name: Oracle)

Haru Okumura (Code Name: Noir)

Goro Akechi (Code Name: Crow)

Notably, a piece of Goro Akechi’s artwork was previously released and subsequently removed 4 years ago for the mobile app “Persona O.A.”

Other Character Art

Miscellaneous character art.

Palace Art

Artwork for some of the dungeon environments in P5X.


Some screenshots from the game.

Persona Art

Artwork of the common Persona series personas and Shin Megami Tensei demons. Some of them such as Succubus and Incubus have been censored with new designs and opaque shadows.

— Via Reddit, @wudabed