Persona 5: The Phantom X Japan and Worldwide Release Under Consideration


Sega Sammy has released the company’s fiscal year ended March 2024 results presentation today, with a section detailing their global initiatives for Games as a Service (GaaS).

In a section titled “further expansion of pillars,” Sega outlines that the Chinese version of the mobile game Persona 5: The Phantom X was released on April 12th, and that the Traditional Chinese and Korean versions were launched on April 18th.

P5X launched within the company’s expectations, and Sega Sammy also states that “future expansion in Japan and global is under consideration.” In an investor Q&A in January 2023, the company stated that if P5X were to release in other regions, they are aware that monetization methods differ and would take that into account based on the IP involved.

In November 2023, Sega Sammy mentioned that they would focus on global F2P expansion of mobile games, including Persona 5: The Phantom X.

On April 26, 2024, Perfect World, the company behind P5X, stated that the game was well received following its public beta on April 12th. It topped the App Store F2P game rankings when it was available for pre-download, and also ranked 8th for the best-selling iOS games after the public beta release.