Persona 5 The Phantom X Key Visual Wallpapers Released


Perfect World Games has released clean versions of previously released Persona 5 The Phantom X key visuals to be used as PC or mobile wallpapers.

This includes countdown character illustrations which were used in the run up to the game’s release.

PC Format Wallpapers

Mobile Format Wallpapers

Yui Wallpapers

Wallpapers featuring Yui were also recently released.

Fox Wallpapers

Wallpapers highlighting Yusuke Kitagawa, released alongside a new Persona 5 crossover scenario added in updated 1.3.1.

Li Yaoling

Wallpapers highlighting Chinese college student Li Yaoling

Hina Mishimori

A wallpaper highlighting girl genius Hina Mishimori.

Queen Wallpapers

Wallpapers highlighting Makoto Niijima, released alongside a new Persona 5 crossover scenario added in version 1.3.3.

Yumi Shiina

Wallpapers featuring bartender Yumi Shiina.

Riko Tanemura

Wallpapers featuring third year high school student and Discipline Committee head Riko Tanemura.

Special Event Key Visuals

Persona 5: The Phantom X is developed for mobile platforms and PC by Perfect World Games, licensed by Sega and Atlus. It released in open beta on April 12, 2024 in China, and on April 18 2024 in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Korea.

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