Perfect World Games to Publish Persona 5: The Phantom X in Korean


[Update: January 15, 2024] The website has been taken down.

[Update: January 16, 2024] Two trailers for the Korean release have been published. These are Korean subbed versions of previously released trailers.

A Korean language website for Persona 5: The Phantom X has gone live. The website is hosted by the developer Perfect World Games, indicating that they will be the publisher in this region.

The website still has several placeholder elements suggesting that it was not yet intended to be made public.

The Korean website does feature a blog post suggesting that the Heart Stealing Test will be run from January 16, 2024, however as this is in Chinese rather than Korean it is likely a placeholder and not intended for this region.

A Youtube channel, and Naver, and Kakao social media accounts have also been set up for the region.

Korean Localised Screenshots


Persona 5 The Phantom X is in development for mobile platforms and PC by Perfect World Games, licensed by Sega and Atlus.

P5X, Thanks @MbKKssTBhz5 for the tipoff