Persona 5: The Phantom X ‘Last Strike’ Song Recording Video Released


The first closed beta for the mobile game Persona 5: The Phantom X has started, and to celebrate Perfect World Games has released a recording video for the boss battle theme “Last Strike,” featuring vocalist Lyn.

As stated in a previous interview with the Persona Team producer, the original vocalist for Persona 5 Lyn returned for a number of tracks in P5X. As uncovered through data mining, three of those tracks are “Shadow Loop,” “Wake Up Your Hero,” and “Last Strike.”

“Last Strike” is a fusion rock song, with an overall arrangement that combines funk and rock, two important elements in the original P5 soundtrack. As an original battle theme for the story’s first boss battle, the song is meant to fully combine the setting and plot, highlighting the boss’ characteristics through the flexible funk and the distortion of desire through rock.

The lyrics represent the karmic changes between the main character and the boss through the perspective of one of the main characters, expressing the courage and determination to “say goodbye to the past.”

Featuring her thoughts on the game’s music, the video also features school life gameplay from P5X.